Wilson Sophia or Watt Puppy 5.1

I have been considering the Wilson Audio Speakers and would appreciate some input from Audiogon Members.

The 5.1s are about 8 years old and the Sophias I'm looking at are 1 year old.

They both sound wonderfull with my Sugden, 33 watt Integrated.

Just need some feedback from members, before taking the plunge.
get the Sophia's it won't have the hot tweeter setup of the 5.1's. Bass response will probably be the same since the 5.1's were not full range, and the mid-bass improvement will be stunning on the Sophia's. Plus you could end up reconing the 5.1's because of age..and that's not cheap.

I have listened to the 5.x, 6, and 7 series and only after spending considerable amount of time with the Sophia's did I go with Wilson (but ended up going with the WP7's because I am a acoustic bass freak...) My friend owns Sophia's powered by an ARC 50watt tube integrated and it is truely an amazing and definitely more forgiving speaker than the 5.x or the 7's.

Make sure you do a search for the Wilson voicing technique to setup the speakers as 1/4" can be difference between good and amazing!

Why would he have to recone the speakers?

My B&W's are much older and show no signs of needing anything done to them. Knowing the build quality of Wilson's, I would really be surprised if they have a short life.

Good comments, thanks.
Having to service the 5.1 due to age is a consideration.
What is the average lifespan I wonder.
Jeff, Don't worry about the lifespan of the 5.1, the Sopia;s sound way better any way.
Just get the Sophia's.
Drrdiamond: I just mentioned the comment about the 5.1 reconing (not sure whether they are foam which typically rot with age or rubber which doesn't) because I've seen a lot of them forsale with upgraded drivers.. I assumed but we all know what that does.... Wilson Quality is amazing when you see how many allen bolts are in the top unit and the amazing finish!
If there isn't a significant cost differential I'd prefer the Sophias. The Sophias are a more refined design than the 5.1s. I feel this shows up most when the system is played quietly. At reduced volume the 5.1s are comparably a trifle colorless and washed out tonally. I also feel that the Sophias perform brilliantly with a variety of medium powered amps, whereas, I have observed that the 5.1s are only at their best with greater amounts of power.
Siliab:I was over to my Wilson dealer.--That be Mr. Brooks Berdan.--He said just about what you said;nearly word for word. I did ask him this very question as I was listening to the Soph. Loved that finish and color.

Well, if you're getting it from Brooks you're getting it straight. He's the best, in my estimation.