Wilson WP 7s and supertweeter

Has anyone had experience adding a supertweter to the Watt Puppys for a little extra top end air?
Hi, I don't know your system, musical tastes or your room. But you have arguably one of the very best speakers ever made under 30K retail. (I've owned WP 6's and 8's)

Any reason why you feel something is lacking, maybe let us your system, room and why. The "fix" may lie somewhere else...
Try adjusting the tilt of the head. Nothing wrong in trying but I doubt it will blend perfectly.
You have definetly got to learn to relax and enjoy the music. If there is supposed to be air around the top end, the WP's will put it there.
Are the Watt Puppies still using the Focal tweeter?
I remember that Focal stopped selling their drivers to other companies.
To further clarify the question, I am a long time owner and admirer of Wilson speakers. Have had Sophia 1 for a number of years and obviously WP7s for a few years as well. Set up by the dealer and modified slightly many times by me, including using different head angles. I have spent hours listening to all of the current Wilson models including the WP 8s, Maxx2s and Alexandrias (although not the newest version) at various dealers with the best amplification from the likes of Levinson, Spectral, Accuphase, Simaudio Moon and McIntosh (which I own -Mc2102 and C1000 tube pre) So I am v familiar with the modified Focal dome used in these models. Although I understand that the modifications of the tweeter and crossover continue, I detect on all models and in all circumstances what I consider to be a beautiful, highly accurate and incisive but by no means reticent top end . However, I do believe I hear more air in a small number of other top end designs (eg Magico, Focal, Kharma, Marten). Now, these designs don't use titanium domes and have much different voicing than Wilsons, voicing that perhaps is more suited to supplying a little more air around the top end --I prefer Wilsons to all of those. The only very minor I believe I hear is a slight lack of high end air. Maybe it's just me. Hence the inquiry. Has anyone experimented with a supertweeter and heard any salutary result with Wilsons?
A Berylium tweeter or a Ribbon or Scan Speak will have more air but for me all but a Ribbon sounds less natural. Also, your cables can be a big problem. What speaker cables & interconnects are you using? Lastly, this seems like a first so please try & let us know. Maybe a rear tweeter for ambiance might improve things. Considering all the amplification you have tried, I still think that some times a system synergy. Any networked cables will reduce highs.
I use Stealth hybrid mlts speaker cables with Indra ics, but have heard with Siltech high end cables,Nordost Valhalla and Transparent Reference.
Stealth should be pretty good. Indra might be a little warmer in sound though. I am a Tara fan. A silver cable will definitely tilt up the highs. Not to my liking.
Thanks. Was always in flux but now too happy to change much. I wonder if the supertweeter can function as an ambiance tweeter as in the X-2s. Might be very cool. I am very against hissy highs tough. A ton of equipment is voiced as such these days.
You would need a custom match super tweeter off the shelf will not be a good match. You can DIY your own. Not so hard to do or have 1 custom built.