Wilson WP7 versus X1 - Gen III and Maxx II's

I am not interested in other speaker manufactures.

I have an opportunity to upgrade to X1 Gen III for way less than Maxx II's used (if they were even available). My only concern is will I lose anything that the WP7's do so amazingly well? I know setup of the X-1's will be even more critcal.

Having owned WP 5.1's,6's MAXX series 1, X-1 series 3 and now X-2's I feel I can comment on your question. First off if you get the Series 3 X-1's at this price it should be considered BUT I must tell you that the Maxx ll is a far better speaker, so much so that Wilson has discontinued production of the X-1 ALTHOUGH they do have a series 5 upgrade for it at a cost of $15-$20K. It depends on how far term you are looking. For that money the X-1 is indeed a great speaker but needs patience in the setup. It will throw one heck of a believabe soundstage. The Maxx ll however has much of the X-2 technology and should not be discounted if it falls within your price range. It is an absolutely amazing speaker for the money and likewise throws an amazing soundstage. Is your room big enough for the X-1?

Thanks for your response as I was looking for someone who has had extensive listening with Wilson products as you have.

My room for now is smaller 12x16 with vaulted ceiling from 8'-11', and it opens into another 10x10 room and is extensively bass trapped with 10 Realtraps (mondo and mini traps) so dynamic/loud output is not a problem even in a smaller room, plus I use mid nearfield setup currently.

Actually I looked into the Gen 5 upgrade and it's 35k and not worth it since buying Maxx II's is the obvious answer for that situation.

I could do the X1 right now with a little streching but it would take another year of saving to do Maxx II's and I'm inpatience.

I like the intimate dyanmic monitor sound of the WP7 but I would also like to get that wall of sound the Maxx's provide (as I haven't listened to X-1's yet- don't want to tire kick if I'm not going to buy). Increased impact is something else I would like as the Maxx II's were good but I still liked them with an XS Sub (That expierence at my dealer ruined me for all other subs)
I also have an XS but now use it only with HT and LFE. You really won't need it with the X-1
BTW--your room size should be fine for the X-1's and/or the Maxx

I also have a room with a vaulted ceiling which is heavily trapped but no deficiencies with the X-2's
I looked at photos of your room with the WP7's.

If this is the room you will be using I would say that it is too small for the X-1's

One OBGYN says it all. Patience is the key here. YOu don't need the headache. I also will add, that you can get most of that wall of sound in your room w. your Wilson 7s. How is the Theta gear doing. It should make you very happy. If you aren't getting the wall of sound go into analogue or do more room treatement. I am getting an amazing wall. I treated my ceiling which did a lot. I will post some pictures once I get a chance. I think any speaker upgrade will be pointless unless you really aggresively treat your room.
The other option to consider is to buy a used pair of Maxx l's which go for $15-$20K and do the Maxx ll upgrade which can be done in the field. I believe it costs ~$5500
Thanks Guys for all the suggestions, Once I position my speakers correctly I will mount my ceiling treatments for first order and hang the first order on the side walls. I still have to treat for slap echo on the side walls at the ceiling joints with Aurlex that I already have.

The Theta Gear has been awesome, limitless power where the Lamm never had that feeling plus better low low bass control. But as all upgrades go, you taste a little and want more and then I find this deal....

I know I should listen to both of you and just get my setup dialed in and wait till I can do Maxx's.... I'm going to try and give the X-1's a listen this week and see. I'll keep everyone posted.

The pictures make the room look really small, the speakers are way farther back now, I had them on the carpet because I didn't have floor protectors because of order problems from Sound Anchors on the Cone Coasters.
Trust Oneobgyn, your room is definitely too small for the Maxx's or X-1's. The WP7's too seem sacrificed there: how you can ever consider a bigger speaker ? Are you just looking for resonances and wall shacking ? Sorry but your plan seems really absurd to me.
Not sure what you mean by Lamm. I have the ML 2.1 driving my huge X-2's. At 18 wpc I assure you that there is plenty of headroom. It is the most musical amp that I have ever owned.
Oneobgyn: I have followed your system for years but I owned Lamm M1.1's prior and they are amazing liquid in the mid's but they were dark and closed in compared to the VTL S400 and the Theta Citadel. The lamms sacrificed low low bass that the Citadel's have in spades.. I also owned Lamm M2.1's and if I did Lamm again I would definitely do the M2.2's. (Lamm ML2.1 are out of my range or I would rather spend that money elsewhere) I have an aversion to full tubes because of my propensity to listen to trance/techno/hiphop which really stress out a system like a good orchestral movement. Plus with my Theta's it's less than 20minutes to full warm due to the standby function.. Everything is a little compromise like a relationship, and I have choosen Theta. Plus the Lamm heated up my room 10 degrees in less than 5 minutes and caused my house AC to run no stop in our Phoenix Summers... so AC redesign was not an possibility.

Luke72: I've listened to Maxx II's in a room my size and no problems.. it's all about setup (nearfield which some of my friends find uncomfortable but reduces room interaction problems and besides Wilson cabinets are already designed to minimize side wall interactions) plus if you realized how much LOW LOW bass damping I have.. 4 of the Realtrap Mondotraps, you would realize nothing rattles and the bass attack and decay is outstanding! I have used a Tact for positioning treatments and I only have one 4db Bass spike that's it... I'm pretty ruler flat without using any Tact EQ'ing...

So thanks for the input Darren and Oneobgyn! I think my question is answered... I'll buy some more music and wine and wait for Maxx's used (someday) Or buy a bigger house for a dedicated listening room ;-)

The thread is dead...Thanks!