Wire Up-grade for Rega RB300

I understand that there exist upgrades for the wire within the Rega RB300 tone arm? Anyone know about these mods?
The best known mod for this arm is by "Origin Live". For more info, see the two attached links:



According to several reviews, the mod by Origin Live supposedly brings the performance of the RB300 up to the level of the RB900.
Express Machining has a wiring upgrade as well as the counterweight upgrade. Talk to Music Direct as they carry their products. I did both upgrades and they results were very impressive. The wiring upgrade uses Cardas copper wire from cartridge pins to phono plugs with no joints in between.I preformed the wiring mod myself and it was't too dificult but I wouldn't recomend it for someone who is not mechanicaly inclined. The only problem I had was soldering the cartridge pins which is tricky with such tiny wires to do a nice job. Also, Michael Fremer mentioned a couple of months ago about reviewing the whole upgrade. Check out Expressmachining.com. I investigated the Origin Live mods but you have to ship the arm back to England. Sounded like a major hassle to me. I like the Express Machining counterweight because it is offset which lowers the center of gravity to improve tracking and resonance control. I think it sounds great!
I used the Incognito rewire kit and the Express Machining counterweight. Together, they really improve the RB300.
Thanks. I already have the Origin Live mechanical modification and I am looking for the wire upgrade that I can do myself. The express machining seems a bit pricey for wire. The DIY'er in me says just buy some high quality wire, some steel braiding, gold plated lugs and phono plugs and solder it myself.