Wired RJ45 vs. Point to Point + RJ45 - Connecting a Music Server

Hello all
I have a Music Server that takes a hard wired RJ45 Ethernet cable.
My router is about 50' away in line of site to the server; yet a cable would be up-down-around-up-down-around-up-down-around etc ...

Question - is there a quality point-to-point device that would allow me to do wireless ethernet in the line of site between the two; then let me plug in a 3' RJ45 at the Music Server?
Thank you!S_

My System
Amp: Primarei30 - Silnote Poseidon GL Reference Power
CD: Primare CD31 - Cardas Cross XLR
TT: 2 x Technics 1200 MKII TT Silnote Morpheous Reference II RCA
Mixer: Ecler Nuo 2.0 -  Silnote Morpheous Reference II RCA
Server: Antipodes DXe - Cardas Clear USB
DAC: Music Fidelity M1 DAC - Kimber Kable Hero  XLR
Speakers: ELAC 247 Sapphire - Silnote Poseidon XT Cable w/ Poseidon Ultra Jumpers 
A Mesh Router / Satellite system. It will bring much more to the table, than simply addressing the need expressed in your OP.
A wifi range extender will work fine. I have used a Netgear WN2500RP for several years to an Antipodes server.
Perfect! Thank you @tdevitt.  I am using a DxE (waiting on a good payday to update to the latest soft/hardware!)
I have recently upgraded my WiFi to Google Mesh and couldn’t be any happier.  It’s works so much better than my AT&T router / modem. 

Paid $250 for 3 pods. The google app also allows you to ‘prioritize’ the device in your network.