Wireless option for rear surround speakers? 7.2.4

Hi all I run a 5.2.4 home theater but want to upgrade to 7.2.4 without having to run wiring to the rear. Is there a good option to add the surround back speakers that is wireless? I tried svs soundpath and that failed miserably. Connection issues and interference with my av processor's wifi. There doesn't seem to be many options that are on a dual broadband for example to get away from the 2.4ghz. 
I don’t have an answer but it is question I’d like to see answered.  I know a few people that have tried various solutions that haven’t worked well
@maxwave wow both of those options look like they can work! The sound hubs both have analog inputs for left and right channels. Presumably I could use the preamp outs on my AVP to plug into the sound hub through analog in. This can then transmit dual band to the read speaker. Have you ever tried either out in the way I am describing? 

Btw I asked svs if their soundbase system would work for me and they said it could not. 
Please contact us we have a solution that works

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I know someone that tried the Dali but couldn’t eliminate a time lag between the fronts and the rears
@mahler123 yes I think it would be difficult without the use of room correction programs and the ability to set speaker distances which then you could set it farther to allow for the time lag. I have never had to deal with that before. Thanks for input.