Wireworld USB YES!

Upgraded to a Wireworld Platinum 7 USB cable ( pure silver ) and wow wow wow! Getting the best sound and capabilities out of my system. Way more depth, detail and gobs of soundstage. Had a Shunyata and was good , but this is unreal. The smoothness of the whole presentation of the music is just amazing. Highly recommended 
Associated equipment: 
Mark Levinson No.526 preamp
Mark Levinson No.532H amp
Revel F228be speakers
Aurender streamer
Cardas clear interconnects and speaker cables 
Clarus and PS Audio power cords with PS Audio conditioner. 

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An interesting comparison would be with the WW Platinum and the Audioquest Diamond. Each has pure silver carrying the data. The AQ with one solid core in each direction and the WW with three. Both are popular brands. Most USB cables, including those using pure silver, have multi-stranded wires.

My own experience has favored solid core.

I purchased the same WW USB cable and cannot agree more. Bass is tight and soundstage is huge. Could not believe that a USB cable could make such difference. Good quality digital  cables (USB, HDMI, etc.) really make a difference.
From futureshop:

Craig Cook Verified Purchaser

Absolutely stunning product. I am using the Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB between my Auralic Aries and my Devialet D400. For the last 3 months I have been using the Audioquest Diamond USB which was a replacement for my Chris Sommovigo constructed Stereolab Master Reference 75 ohm cable. The Wireworld cable presents a much warmer fuller sound. All of the detail provided by the Diamond is there but there is more space and bloom around the instruments. Bass pitch is excellent. More spatial information from the studio, hall or stadium. Acoustic instruments regardless of whether they are classical, jazz or guitar are tremendous. All of it adds up to incredible sound and increased enjoyment of my music both from Tidal/Qobuz streaming and my 1000+ CD filled NAS.

On sale at The Cable Company for half price of $500 due to new 8 series coming out. 
I have compared the Wireworld Platinum 7 to the Audioquest Diamond and only needed a few hours listening to determine that the Wireworld is a better sounding cable.