Women In Vinyl

Been listening to this quite excellent podcast for a few months now.



Highly recommended!
There a few gals who are members of The Vinyl Community posting videos on YouTube, covering varying aspects of LP acquisition and ownership, as well as the music they contain. The Omaha Introvert is a particular favorite of mine, as one of her favorite genres is Power Pop, a fave of mine as well. How many girls do you know who love The Dwight Twilley Band and The Flamin' Groovies?!
Surely the topic should be Women who are quite willing to make themselves known using Social Media Platforms and are using Vinyl as a Subject.
You will not find many who are doing this.
Visit a record shop and a proportion of the Staff are Female and a large proportion of the Customers are female and also buying vinyl.
I would take a Wild Punt and say that the Vinyl Revival will have been quite slow if the Female earned $ £ euro Yen Ruble, etc, were not being spent on Vinyl LP Pressings.
The Female interest in Vinyl is Vast and I am not sure if there is a passion attached to obsess over HiFi to run parallel with the interest.

I speak to a 30 Year Old Lady with a collection of Vinyl that would be a good selection for any owned Vinyl Collection and my talk about systems is alien to her.
My wife's Vinyl collection that has been shared by both of us, and my Wife's owned collection has been the larger contribution to the collection for numerous years, it is only my ongoing purchasing Vinyl that has probably made my contribution from myself the bigger proportion today.

Girls, Ladies, Women in general do not get obsessive over a HiFi System in the ways that the Male can.
Hence, they avoid being present in forums spurting out pointless drivel,
and filling in the Blanks with sexist comments that are a overhang from a archaic era.      
You should check this sister if you want to see real passion for vintage vinyl and portable turntables, you will be surprised! Another account of her just about vintage funky record cases.

This lady has more records than most of you guys!