Wonderful Recordings at Blue Coast Records

Greetings! If you are looking for quality recordings, I highly suggest you checkout Blue Coast Records and see what you think. I discovered them through an internet search, looking for DSD formatted music to play with a new (new to me) DAC I purchased on this site and i was BLOWN AWAY with the quality of their recordings. If you like acoustic music with emphasis on vocals (and maybe an instrument or two), check out Blue Coast Records and see what you think. You can freely listen to their music streamed through the internet and they have free downloads. The recording quality is readily evident! I spent the majority of a day going from one song to the next, loving the music! I liked what I was hearing so much I decided to build my own music server! This message was inspired by an offering from Blue Coast Records (a post about them = a free album) but this should not lessen the legitimacy of this post. Listen for yourself and see what you think. For me, many of Blue Coast Records are in my "wheelhouse" and I am immensely loving their recordings! Their recordings is one of the BEST "upgrades" I have made in my ~20 years as an audiophile. Hopefully this post will lead someone else to music enjoyment!!!

Blue Coast Records: http://www.bluecoastrecords.com/
Meghan Andrews Album at Blue Coast Records: http://bluecoastrecords.downloadsnow.net/meghan-andrews-just-let-go

Happy listening! Let me know what you think. 

Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records is well known and respected in the audiophile world so your post shouldn’t be suspect here. I’ve purchased several albums (Art Lande, Fiona Joy) from Blue Coast and the quality is superb, albeit a little pricey.
I am a long time audiophile but all my listening has been through CD and Vinyl. I've avoided computer audio, in part, to how poorly it sounded a decade ago but, boy, that is all changed now. I absolutely love what is happening at Blue Coast Records. What other recording companies are putting together quality recordings like BCR? It's great to support these companies; without the quality on the front end, we cannot get the optimal sound reproduction through our systems. Too many recording companies are place little emphasis on recording quality, understandably so b/c the majority of people could care a less. That's too bad. I am loving the music I am getting from BCR! It's outstanding and truly engaging and inspiring. Happy listening! 
Just curious. I looked at their web site and could not find any records. Do they sell those or just Cds and digital downloads? Thanks.
I’ve been knocked out by Sound Liaison. Recordings direct to hi-rez only. Download only. Even have a free format comparison sampler. I own several of theirs.