Wondering why...

Michael Lavorgna’s Twittering Machines website is shutting down. I enjoyed the writings as well as the no BS approach.

From footnote on TM:

1. TM content will remain online and available beyond September 2019.

There was an interesting story in PS Audio's Copper magazine several weeks ago.  If I remember correctly, it said that ML got tired of all the acrimony in the high end audio industry, especially online.
I can see that. If I got a tenth of the explosive and unwarranted crap that some get here for saying what they’re hearing, I’d give it up too.

I just hope I wasn’t instrumental when linking some of his thoughts and views on subjective evaluation (which were well reasoned and some, quite humorous) here on some of the more contentious threads as it wasn’t long after that that he announced his departure.

All the best,
I believe ML had an ongoing battle with the folks at Audio Science Review because their leader over there tested a privately owned TotalDac (meaning not from the manufacturer) and he deemed its measurements “less than ideal”. After which, ML made a video measuring the TotalDac.....with a tape measure! I thought it was hilarious but the attacks from the Audio Science Review Illuminati were fierce. Its unfortunate because the TotalDac dacs are wonderful to my ears and I enjoyed Lavorgna’s site and writings. I hope he is enjoying his life more than before...