World of Mcintosh Lifestyle space

Fine Sounds that recently changed their name to World of Mcintosh has opened up a lifestyle space to showcase their products in N.Y.C. Some of the lines they carry are Mcintosh, Audio Research and Sonus Faber. 

By using this Lifestyle approach to their products do you feel it will alienate some of their traditional customers? Or do you think it will just bring in more customers that would otherwise not have any Involvement with the traditional audio scenario? 

Fine Sounds Group now owns... McIntosh, Audio Research and Sonus Faber.

These company's are Hallmarks in the audio world and will continue too endure the test of time. A lot of companies are merging, take a look around.

Matt M
I was asking about the merger of the companies. I was talking about the way they were marketing the product by trying to go with this Lifestyle approach through there World of Mcintosh display theme.

I don't know how to edit my post. I meant to say I wasn't asking about the merger of the companies.

@taters - are you referring to the new WOM Townhouse in SoHo? If so, I think its a very interesting choice for them, it would seem that they are attempting to introduce the younger more affluent generation to the concept that hi-end audio can be a part of their "sophisticated" lifestyle. It's clearly not directed to those of those much older people who already are into the hobby as I assume they see the need to educate and appeal to new and younger generations of people so that their business will continue in the future long after we are gone.  
I think it's smart marketing. I hope they are successful in bringing in new and younger audiophiles into the hobby. I'm at the Jersey Shore so it's about and hour and and half away for me but I would definitely like to stop in and see what they have going on.
I guess the future really is the young people. The baby boomer generation will be retiring and dying off soon. 

As a baby boomer I am looking forward to the first part of your last sentence, not the last part! :)

On the other side of the coin, it will be nice to know that there might still be a market for all my all used equipment when I'm ready to sell it.