Worth adding an extra cable to tri-wire?

I have an unusual speaker cable setup at the moment, and it’s sounding pretty good. The reason I’m posting, is can anyone tell me if I might gain benefit from running separate cables to my mid-range and tweeters?

I have ATC SCM40 speakers. They have 3 drivers and 3 sets of binding posts, so can be tri-wired.

I’ve recently been alternating between single runs of Duelund DCA12GA and DCA16GA. The former offering a bigger bass, but veiled mid-range and treble. The latter offers vivid mid-range and resolution, but lighter bass.

I’ve just now tried bi-wiring these two sets of cables, and it sounds terrific. The best of both worlds. The single 12GA for the woofer, and the single 16GA for both mid-range and tweeter. They’re kind of now "bi and half"-wired...

What I’m wondering, is am I likely to hear any further improvement by running an extra length of 16GA, so that they are fully tri-wired?  As I understand it, the main benefit of bi-wiring is physical separation of the bass frequencies from the rest.  So any benefit, in theory, of separating mid from treble?