Would a dedicated streamer enhance my system?

I’m wondering what a network streamer will add to my system that using my miniDSP SHD and Volumio doesn’t. I purchased the SHD because of it’s Dirac Live capability and both analog and digital outputs/inputs. It also uses Volumio and has streamer capability--it is indeed an amazing machine! I’ve been contemplating buying a Wyred 4 Sound modified Sonos Connect and streaming from that to the SHD, and from the SHD to my DAC., but I’m wondering if the streamer will enhance the sound quality over what the SHD can do or if it would be money poorly spent?

I don’t want a streamer with a builtin DAC as I’m happy with my current DAC and one day want to upgrade to a Denafrips Terminator. I do have an old Bryston BDP-1, but it has started crashing and the interface is very slow. This is why I started using the SHD and Volumio as a streamer. I see these for sale on Audiogon and they don’t seem to move, so it’s probably going to be a relic I can’t sell.

I don’t have a lot of ripped CDs or music of my own. I typically listen to Tidal or Pandora (lower quality, I know) from the SHD and SACDs through my Oppo 105D that I send to the SHD using XLR cables. I feel I get the interface ability from Volumio I need, but my question is more around sound quality. Would the Sonos, or any other streamer, enhance the sound going to the SHD over the SHD’s capability?

My system:
  • Furman Elite 20 power conditioner with all Pangea power cables
  • Bryston BDP-1 (going into the closet)
  • miniDSP SHD
  • Gustard x-20 DAC modified by Ric Shultz
  • Oppo 105D modified by Ric Shultz
  • Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated Amp
  • Martin Logan Summit X speakers
  • Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables
  • Kimber D60 S/PDIF
  • Avanti Audio AES/EBU, RCA, and XLR Interconnects

Thanks very much for your advice on this!
SM, you might get some helpful responses (other than mine) if you state what you feel you are not getting from your current digital setup and what you hope to improve or change. "sound quality" is too vague. Also, you have to tell people what you want to spend. There are many excellent stand alone streamers out there right now. I have no experience with your digital gear but have owned Logans and currently own a PL integrated. I also use Paul Laudati’s clear day speaker cables.
Thanks, tuberist!  The upgraded Sonos is about $850, but I'd spend up to $2,000 if there was a difference between a separate streamer and the miniDSP SHD.  One change that I've made is adding Roon, which makes the BDP-1 much easier to use.  I'm really liking this combination now since I can get my music library and Tidal all in one application to the BDP via Lan, and I feel I'm getting the benefits of the BDP finally.  More to turn on an operate but once everything is on I can control Roon via my phone.  I'm also upsampling, so loving the BDP right now.
Tuberist, have you considered the Primaluna Dac with your integrated?  I'm thinking about it....  Too many tubes?  Conflicts?
Since you are using Roon, why not just keep your Bryston and configure it as a Roon endpoint?

I would not spend the money for to have the sonus upgraded, they still can’t fix it’s biggest issue, the inability to play any source higher than 48/16.  
SM, I have a simple, uncomplicated set up with a LUMIN T2 streamer dac connected to a PL Dialogue integrated amp.

smills59 I also a similar set up as tuberist... A Lumin T2 streamer (built in Dac in Lumin is excellent) connected to a PrimaLuna HP integrated amp. (Speakers are Sonos Faber...All connects upper end (but not the stratospheric stuff).…Running Kt120 tunes) The his res Qobuz files sound (to me) as good as any top vinyl setup.

Also added the SBOOSTER BOTW P&P MKII POWER SUPPLY for the Lumin T2. Happy with that too. Highest recommendation.

I had a Furman Elite 15 but liked the sound better when the AMP was not plugged into the Furman. (Wall outlet is a Furutech) For me the Furman was a bit soul killing. Furman didn't affect the lower power stuff but did the AMP.

Mreyn, that's exactly what I'm doing now.  I had a big DA! moment when I figured that out.  It's working beautifully now and I couldn't be happier with my BDP.  If I want MQA, is simply use my computer and the desktop Tidal app direct to the SHD.  I am in love with Roon!

Now looking for Acoustic Zen BNC and speaker cables, then I'm done until I can afford a Denefrips Terminator DAC (and get it installed quickly before the wife notices it).

Thank you, everyone!  What a great place with great people!!!