Would u give up usher mini dancer 2 for b&w 802's

usher mini dancer 2, driven by pair of emotiva xpa 1 mono blocks, pre amp mystery ca 21, emotiva Erc 2 CD player
Prefer vocals, soft jazz,
Absolutely no for me.
Though a bit nasal and bloated in the mid bass the ushers are drivable and has that very smooth yet transparent mid to extreme high.
In comparison the 802 sounds very incoherent.

As a previous Usher dealer, I would not change the Dancer's for the 802, The Dancer's are very, very, good speakers.

I would give them up for the new Janszen ZA 2.1 electrostatic hybrids, I have been doing this professionally for over 25 years, and I can't remember ever hearing a loudspeaker which is as intoxicating as the Janszen.

The Janszen is unlike any electrostatic speaker on the market they are compact, relatively efficient, easy to drive, they play loud, have excellent deep bass and will work in any room and in any part of the room.

The midrange performance of the Janszen is remarkable with a clarity in the midrange that is spooky.

So in summation Dancer 2 to 802 not enough of a difference, Dancer 2 to Janszen yes, yes, yes.
Always nice to have a dealer stop in and do a bit of bragging and selling.
I'm impressed.
Judy, I believe the operative word in Audiooracle's post was "previous".
Your posts on the other hand are always the epitome of unimpressivness :)
To add, some DO believe in which they sell...
tho, you may find a better place to hawk your diatribe, Judy... we don't buy it here :)
Sorry you missed his hawking of the Janszen line Iso.
Reading comprehension is a wonderful attribute. Try it.
Ive owned the Tiny Dancers and currently the 802N. The 802s properly driven and set up make me endlessly happy. I owned the Focal Utopia micro be which I though were vastly superior to the Ushers comparing the be tweeters. Just my opinion!
The point you are missing is that while Audiooracle is a"former" Usher dealer, he is probably a "current" Janzen dealer.

Judy, My second post covered that. I should have made it clearer to accomodate your lesser comprehensive skills.
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