Would you buy used headphones?

So, I'm considering buying some used headphones (Grado) but I'm hesitant due to hygiene concerns. Am I being overly fussy? Would you buy used headphones? If so, do you clean them and if you do how do you go about cleaning them?
For Grado I know that I can just buy new pads for the earpieces.

Is there anything I should watch out for in buying used headphones?

I don't have any issues buying other used equipment though, like amps/speakers/pre-amps/etc... I refuse to buy used computer keyboards/mice.
Actually, you could probably get new pads and clean everything else except the 'drivers' with alcohol and be fairly safe. Fairly, except I don't know how you would clean the diaphrams with out damaging them. And as they say, you just don't know were they have been.

But, if you are up to one night stands, why not take the risk, especially if they are cheap. :-)
Used headphones are the 37th leading vector for head lice transmission. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Honestly, what are you going to catch from used headphones? As long as they aren't earbuds...lice is visible. Just clean them off and use them. Never heard of getting STD's from ear sex??? I avoid headphones in record stores but that's hundreds, if not thousands of users, kind of like being a slut?
How do you know that the Brand New pair you would potentially buy isn't a return that somebody used for a month and decided they didn't want anymore? I've worked in an emergency room for years and have come to realize that you can't run away from germs. If you're going to be picky enough to not buy used headphones, you might as well wear latex gloves when pushing the booger infested shopping cart around the grocery store. For the right price, get em... clean em... and enjoy!
Consider demo cans from reputable vendors, like Audio Advisor. Years ago, I bought a demo pair of Sennheiser 600's from them and they were immaculate. Saved a nice piece of change, and had peace of mind with their 30 day return policy. Still have 'em and going strong.
You are more likely to catch something from a door knob or a hand shake. Most people put their hands in places they wouldn't put their heads. Hadn't thought about the buggerinfested shopping cart (with or without infant drool).