would this combination work?

Im thinking of getting a ZYX RS30 MC cart. for my Scout JMW9,Acoustech PH1P,setup,,,does anyone know if this combo would work well?I have a Clearaudio Arum Beta S now,would the ZYX be a worthwhile step up?Feel free to check the rest of my system,,i listen to all kinds of music,
Take this with a grain of salt since I have not heard the cartridge you mentioned...
I have recently been through a search for a new cartridge. I cannot listen to anything anywhere near my home, since I live in the middle of nowhere. I have been talking to several fellow music lovers and narrowed my search to a couple of cartridges including some of the Benz and ZYX models. Based on what I have heard from ZYX owners, these cartridges outperform many cartridges costing more and having great reputations. I have settled on the ZYX Airy 3 which I will be ordering in the next couple of weeks.

I hope this is at least a little help.
VPI recommends Dynavector carts for their tables, all the sound testing is done with the higher end dyna carts, but any of the line will sound very good in my experience.
Dear Ray: If like Readster post VPI do their TT/tonearm " voicing " with the Dynavector cartridges, then this is the way to go, nothing could comes close to that combination.

I already have experience with a cartridge/tonearm combination: Sumiko Celebration with SME V/IV tonearms: Sumiko choose the SME tonearms for do the Celebration " voicing ", very hard to beat and the ZYX are far from it.

Btw, Dynavector is a great cartridge manufacturer, I can recomended the: 17 D2 and the XV-1.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi Nrchy: +++++ " ZYX owners, these cartridges outperform many cartridges costing more and having great reputations. " +++++

It will be very interesting for Ray and for all the people in this forum that you can tell us to which cartridges ( many that cost more ) the ZYX beats, other than Koetsu.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, Why don't you stop bashing ZYX cartridges. Your comments do carry much weight since you have never had a ZYX Airy2, Airy3 or UNIverse in yours system.
I thought I was the only one who noticed that... Raul always bashing ZYX and stating the Shelter 90X is much better. Well, I hapened to have a dealer familiar with the shelter line that set up my Airy 3S SB that said it smokes the Shelter. So unless you have heard them - don't bash em. I am certain there is/are better out there, but you need not bash what you have not heard. There is enough dissemination already on these threads...
Audiofankj, I would discount any opinion given by a dealer - even the most enthusiastic have an agenda around profit, inventory and what's in fashion (i.e magazine reviews, forum raves, etc.)

I can add support for the Dynavector range - I recently bucked the current fad for all things Zyx and bought an XX-2 which is a wonderful performer. I struggle to imagine how the Te Kaitora and XV-1s could be better.

Larry, I don't think Raul is bashing Zyx - he's consistently pointing out that there are better performing, albeit less fashionable alternatives available for the same money. I have to say the he's right.

I have only heard an Airy 2 and on some program material the bass extension was lacking. This was in the UK dealer's own system which he claims to be very revealing of flaws. My take is that if that's the best he can get the Airy 2 to sound then it's not good enough and the cheaper (by £500 in UK) XX-2 beats it.

If you think about it, it would take a brave person to post here saying "I got carried away by all the euphoria about this cart. It doesn't sound that great in my system, I wish I'd bought something else." Far more likely they would keep quiet then sell it on, mimizing their loss.

So it's inevitable that the cautionary and critical comments will come from non-owners - that doesn't mean that those comments should be disregarded.

This forum would be a pretty boring place if participation was restricted to members commenting favorably on the equipment they currently own.
Dear Cello: This is part of my last post ( an answer to Doug ) on the ZYX subject in a thread where you post too:

+++++ " I have a solid opinion on the 1000,100,2 and 3 ZYX cartridges because I already heard on systems that I know, including mine ( two of them ). " +++++

Your post here is out of place and an irresponsible one:
+++++ " you have never had a ZYX Airy2, Airy3 " +++++

Audiofank, as you can " see " I already heard some of the ZYX cartridges. From the first time that I had the opportunity to heard these cartridges my opinion about the faulty bass reproduction on these cartridges never change: it is faulty. This is not only my opinion, here Flyingred note that ZYX problem too.

The problem with people like Cello is that he is a ZYX owner that can't assimilate that " out there " are much better alternatives for less or the same money.
Btw, we all know that " out there " exist better/differents alternatives for what we have in our systems and we have to accept that " fact ". It will be a false illusion to think that what we have is the " best " one: this does not exist.

Regards and enjoy the music.