Would You Rent Cables To Try Before Buyi

What I am asking is, would you pay to rent a cable that you were thinking of buying, so you could try it in your system before committing at your dealer.I know I have purchased cables without hearing them and was diappointed. I could use some feedback. Thank's Dave.
Any reputable dealer will allow you to demo cables in your home. Usually the time limit is 30 days.
I had a good experience and got excellent results by going through the Cable Co., also known as Fatwyre. I auditioned 3 brands of ICs and 3 speaker cables. They charge about 5% of the cable cost to try them. You do need to be sure that you're actually ready to purchase wire if you do this , because if not you've wasted your money. It was definitely worth it to me; the cable Co. guys know their wire and represent about 60 brands. I ended up with mid-priced Synergistic Research ICs and cables-- which is what they recommended. But I liked being able to compare it to other major brands.
I would always try before you buy. People can make recommednations, but they aren't you and your tastes/perceptions are likely different than those making the recommendation. I agree with the recommendation of the Cable Co. I've used them for years and have found some real gems. I don't think you need to be in an immediate buying mode though, because the credits you accrue will be held indefinitely. All in all a great way to go.
eaudionet.com will let you try harmonic tech. cables for 2 weeks before making a decision. they also burn-in the cables before you get them so you don't have to wonder if they are going to change after you buy them. wen-li is the owner and a great guy to work with.
Most dealer should probably let their customer have an in home cable trial before buying. Why? because first when you buy your cable new, they are probably has not been break-in should could sound terrible, then after it has break in you are most likely to forget what your previous cable sound like. It is best that you audition a break-in cable before buying it.
Yes, but you should also keep in mind that many better cables- MIT is one- require very long break-in periods before they really begin to produce. My MIT 750s took about 250 hours to really open up. Jim