Would you sell for cash?

I just got an offer for my amp from a buyer on US Audio Mart and he wants to pay cash. He lives five hours away but has an employee in my town, which is a suburb of a larger metro area. He offered to have his employee pick up the amp and pay cash. The buyer has been on US Audio Mart for 8 months and has no feedback, which is not unusual. 

I guess the cash part makes me uncomfortable but maybe this is not so uncommon? So wondering if many accept cash with local pickups and has anyone had a problem.  Seems like PayPal or Venmo would be preferable. I guess I can see someone with a business drawing petty cash out for personal use. Just not sure about the whole story. Thoughts?


Lots of good advice given, like selling in a safe place (i.e., the police station or some other public and well-lit location). I would add:

  • Take someone with you
  • have the buyer sign a pre-written receipt that you can bring with you, which includes the price, a picture of the amp, the amp’s serial number, and a statement that the amp appeared undamaged and that they paid you in cash
  • photograph the amp and box while you are at the transaction
  • have your friend discretely record the buyer’s license plate number
  • Have the bank check the bills if you want - although I probably wouldn’t go that far unless something felt totally off (can you purchase one of those markers that detect counterfeit bills? - all the party stores have them)
  • remember you can walk away with the amp if something freaks you out
  • if you are paid in all $1s then @bkeske was right…stripper, if you get paid in some $1s but mostly $5s and $10s then…a more successful stripper…maybe bring a chair and give yourself some extra time 😎

Thanks everyone. Lots of great suggestions here. I just got an offer from a local buyer and will try to work that angle first. Personally, if I have to go to the police station and check for counterfeit bills then that's not optimal, at least not for me. I'm going to hold off responding until I have more clarity on current negotiations with a few other buyers.

Ask to meet at a bank with the teller handing cash to him to you on camera.  

If they balk at this, you have your answer.   


Sure, I'll take cash, actually prefer it. I always do in person deals at my workplace. If worried about counterfeit money, take photos of transaction, including buyer, numbers on bills. Get more than one item of proof of identity, and take photos of those.


Lots of talk about ripoffs here, wonder how many have actually been ripped off. Vast majority of these scammers copy cats, common sense, not being greedy and/or desperate for money will suffice to keep one from getting ripped off.