Wright WPL10 V and Ittok arm. What MC cartridge?

Hi fellow phools,

I've been unable to find references to a preferred cartridge using the WPL10 V. I'm hoping that someone has some real world experience with this combination of arm and preamp. Other than a cartridge that mates well with the Linn Ittok arm it will also need a minimum of .5 mv output, be moving coil, high impedance into a standard 47k phono stage. Of course I want it all, Shimmering highs, nice tight detailed bass and robust midrange. Imaging is not a major cirteria to me but a nice, wide sound stage is. I'm willing to spend up to $800 on a new or used cartridge but have reservations about buying used unless it's from an Audiogon member whose name I recognize and trust.

I love the strengths of the phono section in this little preamp. It's lightning fast and lets the details come through to an amazing level. I've been told by George that he's received many reports critical of the sound from owners of my cartridge, a Sumiko BPS. This particular combination is somewhere between harsh and shrill.

I need some help here guys even if you say sell the Wright and buy something else. I'd prefer hearing about proven combinations that work and keep this little gem.
i'm not familiar with the wright preamp, but as a former ittok lvii arm owner i'd suggest looking at something from the wood-bodied benz line. nice synergy with the ittok, and i suspect the combo would really shine through the wright. good luck in your search!