wrong speed on ben harper LP?

I have a friend who bought the Ben Harper box from AudiophileUSA. (LP's from Virgin Music, France) He was playing the "Welcome to the Cruel World" LP the other day, and it was glaringly obvious that the music had been mastered on to the record at too high a speed. Any faster, and you could have mistaken him for Alvin, Simon or Theodore.
The turntable's speed is accurate - other albums we had been playing were just fine, but we tested it anyway - motor/platter rpm's were exactly right.
We sent an e.mail to AudiophileUSA to report it. They just said "Sorry" and didn't offer to do anything about it! They wouldn't acknowledge whether or not they had received other complaints.
So, how about it, has anyone else out there heard about this problem?
I own that boxed set, but I did not notice anything wrong with it. I am going to test it just to be sure.I'll get back to you soon.
i'm listening to my copy from the french box set right now, and it's perfect. doesn't make any sense IF all the copies were from the same stamper.
I also own the box set without any speed problems, although I am not sure mine is french...I bought it here in the US when it came out (hemp outer box).