Xangsane SP-9001AG silver interconnect

So, encouraged by friends I've bought some bulk Xangsane SP-9001AG silver cable.

The cables has two squarish/flat solid core silver conductors (purity supposed to be 4N), one silver plated copper drain wire, teflon, cotton, copper foil, and finally silver plated copper mesh.

Jacket says OCC.

Well, it's been playing in my system since a couple of days, burn-in is far from being over, but I can already tell this is a very very good cable, with great tonality, fantastic transparency, dynamics, taut and strong bass... this is the best cable I've heardin my system (by hundreds of miles), and according to some friends you need to go very, very high in price to find a better silver cable.


@rolox Thanks for the heads-up. I looked on their site and I see that there is another silver RCA that is supposedly 6n silver, but the conductors are round as opposed to rectangular. I wonder which is better since I've heard that there is an advantage to rectangular conductors, although I don't know why that would be. 

xangsane 1pair SP-9003Ag 6N single crystal pure silver audio cable rca cable hifi carbon fiber rhodium-plated plug signal cable (xangsaneaudio.com)

@roxy54 I haven't tried the other cable, no one I know of has. But I believe there's some magic to that particular geometry and rectangular conductors. 


Well, I took a chance and ordered the one that I provided the link for. I don't know when it will get here, but I'll let you know what I think of it when it does, I ordered it directly from Xangsane as aliexpress didn't sell that particular model.  



I was trying to determine the difference between the model I ordered and the one that @rolox bought. On aliexpress, it doesn't mention that his has a rectangular silver wire, although they do mention it on the Xangsane site. What I did notice was that the actual RCA on the one I ordered is said to be gold plated copper, and the other model is gold plated, but they don't mention it being copper. I also notice some differences in insulation materials.

I am looking forward to hearing it for sure, and if it is as good as @rolox and some others say, $160 for a meter pair is a giveaway. 

Looks interesting, but my radar is up to say the least.  For example, I bought these 5N silver interconnects from LavriCables that, in RCA form (I bought balanced for my HeadFi rig), would be about $185USD for a 1m pair, so to be able to buy a 1m pair of 6N interconnects for $160 has me a little skeptical.  I haven’t compared the AWG of the wire used so that might be some part of it, but my understanding is that 6N silver costs MUCH more than 5N.  I get it — it’s China so things can be done cheaply, but then again, it’s China and things can also be done dishonestly.  Looking forward to thoughts from users.


Guys, not willing to create an argument but, the SP-9001Ag seems to be VERY special. I’m not sure ordering the 9003Ag is the right move. Just because it says "6N" doesn’t mean it sounds better. According to the friend who recommended it to me, the 9003 is bound to sound less good because the conductors have an individual shield on top of the external shields common with the 9001. According to him, that additional shield around each conductor is the perfect recipe for reduced dynamics. He knows a thing or two about those things, as he builds tube electronics and high sensitivity speakers for a living. He also compared the 9001Ag to AudioNote AN-VX, AudioNote Sooto, and Neotech Nemoi 1220. According to him, the 9001Ag is much better than AN-VX, better than Neotech 1220, and comes very close to Sooto being just "a tiny bit less fruity and expressive" (his own words).

It should be noted that Neotech 1220 and 9001Ag use a very similar geometry with rectangular conductors.

Not that it wouldn’t be interesting to compare 9001 and 9003, but at the very similar prices, I wouldn’t take a chance and would just go for the 9001. It’s not clear wether one of the two should be superior to the other, maybe different uses, different preferences or the need for an extra layer of shielding in ultra polluted environments for the 9003.

That same friend has also noticed that 9001Ag sounds better for RCA with one square conductor on signal, one on return, shield connected at source end and drain wire cut flush at both ends, than using both square conductors on signal and drain wire on return. I have just sent a mail to Xangsane to ask how the finished cable using 9001Ag they sell on their website is terminated.

@soix your concerns are understandable but I can tell you, each and every guy I know who's tried it have stopped looking for the perfect cable. My friend has been pushing me to try it for almost two years now, but I was reluctant to change my complete cable loom. Eventually curiosity (and the need for better shielded cable) finally got the upper hand and now I just wished I had done it earlier! I have no means to test the purity of the silver they use, but the sound is telling me the 4N claim is most likely true. And, buying the cable in bulk and terminating it yourself is not only very cheap, it also allows you to see how seriously and beautifully it is thought out and built. 

@rolox Yeah, I get it.  What terminations did you use on your bulk cable BTW?  My more pressing question is to @roxy54 where you can supposedly get a 1m pair of 6N silver RCA-terminated interconnects for only $160.  That starts to suspend disbelief to me. 

@rolox @soix ,

I tend to be impulsive, and I'm sure that your friend knows more than I do about the subject rolox. I just made a last minute decision to try the round wire model, and hope that I don;t regret that decision.

Soix, to answer to your question, I ordered it directly from Xangsane. Is it really what they say it is? I don't know; but I'm not betting my life on it, just $160, so we'll se how it sounds.  

@rolox thanks for the info and I will take them into consideration. Please let us know your impressions. 


@roxy54 let us know how it sounds! After all, there are quite many cables with that kind of shielding geometry, so... you might be pleasantly surprised no matter what my friend thinks! 

It appears the sp-9001ag is not on their website 

can you please post a link ?

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thanks, but that is for the 9003, not the 9001 (rectangular 4N) that the OP was speaking of

It is on the Aliexpress site just not in the title description. Scroll down in the detail.

Did this for the benefit of @j_andrews .


I've never once been disappointed with anything Xangsane. There is this other ongoing thread on chinese counterfeit cables - it's redundant, most if not all counterfeit cables are poor, irrespective of counterfeit or not, which I don't really care either way.

Xang on the other hand, go full chinese, it's excellent product, all of it. 9001 is great cable, I find the conductor a bit thin, I'd really recommend the 9003ag, that is fine cable. Their silver solid core is just excellent too. I've found their premade stuff a bit pricey, but their silver ethernet cable is also excellent - I usually do not hesitate in the least on Xangsane, I know I'll be sent great sounding quality whatever it is.. 

You know what, on this cable and 9003, it is in some of my most important interconnects, but a few days ago I built my main DAC>Pre XLR interconnect using 18awg Mundorf SilverGold solid core with AliExpress 18awg occ as drain wire - twisted, soldered with mundorf solder on Neutrik - it smokes Xangsane - while not by a night and day, it would run only a bit more than the pre-made Xang and is a way better interconnect, it’s the best wire I know.

Mundorf SGW110YE

Used this for ground wire: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004011494030.html



Just said you’re welcome @roxy54 that is all.

Just going to ignore you when you are being a ...., and that is more often than not. "Duh"

I find this an interesting thread to follow. Over the past several months I've put together a full loom of the Lavricable Grand 5N silver interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. I'm wondering how the interconnects that you are talking about would compare.

Whilst not wishing you guys anything other than great sound using these cables there is a bit of an Elephant in the room here in that the main conductor’s cannot be both 4N / 6N purity whilst also advertised as “Sterling Silver” Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

We are aware of that, and I think the general concensus is that the Chinese site is using this as a term of glamour, not realizing that most of the world uses that term as a specific measure of purity.

If you notice, they also use a lot of other amusing descriptors. Their higher-grade cables are often called "fever", and yesterday I saw a cable on aliexpress being praised by its seller for its "grainy high frequencies". 

Going to stick to Zavfino cables. May pay more but I know what I am getting. Signal Cables are a crazy value if you can not afford Zavfino, and the are are darn reasonable too.

Lots of less expensive, real values on this side of the pond for sure.



re: Signal Cable, are you specifically referring to the silver reference interconnects ? Or do you have a preference of the 3 rca cables he offers ?

I have magic power cords on most of my equipment and am thinking about getting the digital reference for my border patrol dac.


I only use Franks Silver Reference RCA and XLR and Silver Resolution PC and Magic Power Digital Reference in our system upstairs. Also Silver Resolution speaker cables and REL Speakon cables by Signal. Frank builds a high quality product at very fair prices and you know what you are getting.

My upstairs system is Simaudio 600i, 680D DAC and Innuos Zenith, QLN Prestige speakers. All purchased used. Sounds great but I really am a tube guy. 

Just wanted to mention another option to purchase silver interconnects; Audioquest Silver Extreme, at the listed price I just had to try them, they sounded pretty good but not quite up to my Lavricables Grand.



On Rolox's original post, 9001 is darn fine cable for the price, almost unbeatable elsewhere. Some could have a preference to the 9003, but 9001 is just great for the money.. @rolox I'd try the 9003 on any other IC you might be considering, having extensive experience with both, it would be my pick of the two - but really you can't do wrong with either and especially at $40/m bulk.

On the 'sterling' reference, it is interesting, it's a lost in translation thing I think..

Real 5n Silver, American made, 3 feet $119.00.


  • 2 conductors, 5N Silver/Copper Alloy strands (each channel)

  • Insulation for each conductor - thin wall Extruded Teflon

  • Effective gauge size per channel - 22awg

  • Shield - braided 5N Silver Plated OFC

  • Outer Jacket - Extruded Teflon

  • Geometry - Internal Twisted


  • Nom. Capacitance - 18.1 pF/ft

  • Nom. Conductor DC Resistance - 20.1 Ω/1000 ft

  • Nom. Inductance - 0.12 pF/ft/ft

 Silver Resolution (signalcable.com)

Not bad, this is silver/copper alloy though. If it were down to that, I’d look into Mundorf Copper Angelique solid core, make an IC out of that.

Trial and error, I’ve found one needs to be careful with silver out there.. I bought some pure silver wire from a similar seller, similar dated website, and the sound was horrible. Turns out, he had some kind of jewelry friend, and made wire out of purified old silver jewelry - homemade style with chemicals, etc then pulled through to make wire. That was a $100 experiment down the tubes for me unfortunately. Xangsane product, I can say with a lot of experience doesn’t have that issue has carries exactly the silver sound one is after when looking at silver for IC.

Jerry, I've just recently gotten in to SimAudio myself, mine is the 280d, I've been just thrilled with it over the few months have had it - your 680 must be superb with the other gear..

@rickysnit Prefer my downstairs rig. Innuos Statement, Quliton X200, LessLoss Echos End R2R DAC with LessLoss 640X, Zavfino PC and interconnects, SPL Phonitor phono section, Thorens TD145 and Clearuadio Innovation Basic TT’s. Dual REL T Zeros, Sonner Legato Unum speakers.

I am a tube guy and love European audio gear.

The Simaudio gear is kind of old but sounds great and we really only use that setup when we have parties, and we entertain clients and shoot some pool. Be doing that nest week, too cold to get in the real pool..

The 280D is a very underrated streaming DAC for sure. Love the Mind 2 streamer and software. 

Beautiful. The LessLoss looks to maybe have an Amamero USB module, I’m going to have a closer look at the Innuos - really beautiful stuff Jerry. 👍

@jerryg123 you do you, but you’re missing out on a great cable. Easily as good as / better than a lot of the US or European competition, specially at those Lower end prices. Just because it’s made in China doesn’t mean it’s crap.


@rickysnit how would you describe the differences in sound between the 9001 and the 9003?

@rolox not a huge variance, and largely subjective as I hadn't really done a proper A/B on both, anecdotal observations from switching stuff back and fourth - caveats out of the way, I would classify 9003 as just overall better - full spectrum, clarity, details, low frequencies - but again, difference isn't night/day. The way to go with either is DIY in my opinion, both are more involved to work with, 9003 there is a lot more prep work before solder. Working on 9001 the conductors are thin and had broken on me a few times, I would generally go with thicker silver with 2+2 config in 9003. in single ended you would combine all 4 conductors for even thicker signal lead. If I were to buy more, it would be 9003 over 9001. Both are superb value/performance  for the price. All Xangsane I wouldn't hesitate in the least.

@rolox never said it was crap. You do you too!

specially at those Lower end prices. Just because it’s made in China doesn’t mean it’s crap.


Yes, I absolutely love it. It has surpassed the performance of a set of $900 Kimber Select interconnects. Is it state of the art? I'm sure not, but I haven't heard that so I couldn't judge. I have had a number of other interconnects that were good in one way or another, but this one is good at everything to me, balanced without any apparent weaknesses. I really believe that this company makes things the right way, and they show you the construction of their cables on the site which I like. I really recommend that you try them. 

For the price it's almost silly not to.

@roxy54 Thanks!  Very interesting and intriguing stuff.  I had a very similar experience with LavriCables that are also 100% silver and about the same price.  I’m still a bit skeptical that they only charge less than $20 more than their 4N interconnect (begging the question why anyone would buy that version) because I’m under the impression that 6N silver is orders of magnitude more expensive than 4N, but then again I’m a pragmatist above all and care most about the results and you’re clearly very impressed and happy on that level.  Hey, now you can sell the Kimbers and come out of this not only with better sonics but also with a nice chunk of change in your pocket.  Bonus!  One question — a considerable negative with LavriCables, at least last time I checked, is that they’re non returnable as they’re made in Latvia.  Is there any return policy for these if they don’t work out?  Thanks again for your valuable feedback, and these cables are now firmly on my radar.