XLO electric cable company : Anybody home ?!

I'm an avid fan of XLO electric for many years. Rumor has it that they are out of business.

I tried to contact them for a cable termination job.

I sent them an email to info@xloelectric.com and got no answer.

I called their 1-514-3353131 number only to hear a strange recorded message.

Is the sad rumor real ?


Roger Skoff sold XLO some time ago. His new venture is RSX Technologies. 

FWIW, I have his Beyond power cords and phono cable. Really, really like them and chose them after a shootout with Synergistic, Shunyata and AQ.

I liked their stuff too.  I still use a pair of XLO limited interconnects that are nearing 20 yrs old.  It was truly a limited cable in that a company that they ordered a key component from would only make one batch and that was it.

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Thank You for the follow up. Finally, Roger is working on Interconnect(s) for his RSX brand. I am interested in learning more about the Sonic attributes.


Happy Listening!