XtremeAV Quicksilver Gold alternative?

Is there anything out there that's actually comparable to the QSG? It'll be good if its cheaper too?

Thanks in advance,

Be careful with this stuff.
I had removed all of it from my Audio system connectors long ago because I did not like how it masked the sound.

I think, after a few months the painted paste loses its moisture and becomes a dry mess.

Recently, I was losing some of the high def channels on my cable service.
I had forgotten that I also painted with Quicksilver gold the center conductors on most of my RG6 cables.
That silver paint now looked like a dry mess that was causing distortion and resulting in losing some of the high def signal.
Once I cleaned off all of the Quicksilver gold, the once lost cable channels were all able to be recieved.

P.S. Still nothing good to watch...
My experience could not be farther away from Ozzy's. You will get what you pay for.
They now sell it in a smaller amount to make it cost less, and Brian Kyle can send anyone the oil in case someone's older stock has dried a bit.

I think the problem is that some people use too much. Less is more, just a very fine dusting I think is best. Perhaps Ozzy used it like paint, which I could see causing a problem. I have used it on a number of items, and have found improvement. I am still too chicken to put it on Vacuum tube pins though.

As far as alternatives, I don;t know if anything like this is cheaper. All these type products use gold or silver particles, which are at high prices currently.
Thanks all for your perspectives. I have enjoyed the QSG from the beginning and it has performed at least as expected. However, it is now cost prohibitive so I am curiously looking for a cheaper alternative but realized there may not be anything cheaper and at least on par.

Ozzy: Thanks but I don't think I've observed the negatives as you have mentioned yet over the years. Of course they do harden over time and can gunk up if over applied.

Emailists: I actually tried it on tube pins and liked it a lot there and wouldn't worry about applying there again.


Randu, Emailists ,Kenk168, Perhaps I did put it on thicker than needed. I dont know, it is hard to put on less than a brush stroke.

My personal advise still is, dont let it stay on too long.
Clean it off every 6 months and reply if you like the effect.
Hi Ozzy,

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you using Pro Gold exclusively now or with some other signal/contact enhancer?


Kenk168, Actually, All I do now is clean the contacts about every 6 -12 months with a high grade Isopropal Alcohol, Deoxit, Pro gold and silver or copper polish.
Being EXTREMLY careful to leave NO residue on the connections by buffing.
The way to get less than the brush stroke Ozzy mentioned, is to thin the QSG's paint brush load out on the plastic spatula first, loading the brush with a thin coat. This lets you apply just a fine layer on the desired connection. I often end up with so little on the brush at times, I have to paint the connection several times to get just the right amount of QSG on.

Brian says that actually it forms an airtight seal that helps stop oxidation. I suppose if that is true that it would be variable on the amount used.

Of course we still need a great cleaner before applying any type of enhancer.

I use progold (sometimes deoxit first) then alcohol after to get off any residue. I used to use Kontac many years ago and liked it. Anyone still use it? I think it was developed by aerospace.
So, what positive effect are you guys getting with using the Quick Silver Gold ?
Increased extension.. the signal retains its characteristics for a greater duration appearing to come further out from the speakers while maintaining coherence. Increased clarity and detail all present after a suitable burn in period... in my case it has been two weeks since the first application to most points then a week later additional application to a few other areas.. Does everyone concur?
Ardri , Thanks for your point of view. That is why I bought the stuff.
In all though, using better cables with better connections and keeping them clean improved my system way beyond smearing silver paint on the connectors ever did.