Yamaha CR-1040 Receiver, new to me, Terrific! Owner's Manual?

Garage/Shop System, two pairs of speakers.

My beloved Tandberg TR-2080 died


I bought an inexpensive best buy Insignia stereo receiver for temporary use in my Garage/Shop system. Finished my CD quest upstairs, what next?


Just researched, chose a Yamaha Receiver CR-1040. Using the ADAPTER loop for my Chase RLC-1 to get remote volume/mute which I need when working down there. My first Yamaha. Replaced meter bulbs and FM dial bulb, it looks and sounds terrific. Played it upstairs for a few days while waiting for the bulbs to arrive. I found the service manual, but unable to find an Owner’s Manual, anybody have one? https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/yamaha/cr-1040.shtml thanks, Elliott


Coincidentally I had a Tandberg tr2080 for many years.  Loved that sucker! Sold it to a collector in Norway when it started to get a bit long in the tooth. Replaced it with a similar vintage Yamaha.  Nice!  


Do you still have/use the Yamaha, which one?

After research, deciding to go Yamaha, I had a tough time choosing, the 1040 is 41 lbs, that’s a lot for my worn out body and 80 wpc is enough for my two pairs of speakers (as the Tandberg 80 wpc was).

2000 series too heavy (and cost more). The 1040 design won, the 1020 and 1000 close options, but the full width strip at the top, no knobs in the top row caught my eye the most. 1020 case is real wood veneer, the 1040 is fake wood, if it was in a primary system I would have probably gone for 1020. I could make a real wood cover for the 1040, but in it’s location, I’ll leave it fake.

I got lucky, this was in Brooklyn, local pickup, took less than an hour to get there. $575. total, no fees, tax, delivery, works perfectly. Plus $15. for the full set of light bulbs. (only 2 were out). They are a very clean layout and spacious inside, was easy to clean all the controls and change the bulbs.

By instinct, I wanted to avoid the 1000’s faders, stick to rotating dials and push/pull switches.

I knew Tandberg made nice designs, often with real wood, but doing a ’Tandberg’ search on hifishark revealed a wealth of wonderful designs. Fun to look at.

My TR-2080, after 40 years, the speaker connector panel pulled out of the back (I could have been more careful over the years), then the plastic shaft of the spring loaded power button broke (not my fault). I stripped some parts and sold them to someone on eBay so they could keep theirs going.

nobody with a Yamaha Cr-1040 owners manual?

I found that Tandberg made several shallow depth units that will fit on top of a bookcase, (or on a shelf in a bookcase), here’s one only 10-3/4" deep (+ connectors)