Yamaha M80 Amp

I recently acquired a Yamaha M80 amp on trade for a bunch of equipment I needed to part with. It was in good working order but now, the right channel has died. The only repair facility reasonably close to me closed its doors several years ago.

Suggestions? Too darn heavy to ship (at reasonable cost) but not sure I'd want to take it to a recycling center. I don't feel I really need the amp at this point. I purchased (don't laugh. fit my budget) an Emotiva PT2 pre and A2 amp. They play really nice with my KEFs.


The M80 is a legendary amp. World-class even. Unless it is trashed, it is well worth someone repairing it. Where are you located that you have no electronics repair services? This is not a tough fix for most any repair service if it’s just simply a bad cap or resistor or something like that.

I agree, find someone close enough to drive it to, have it fixed.

Let us know your location, perhaps a member knows someone near you.

My electronics shop has a technician who repairs things. Didn't know they had that for years.

I once had a computer shop fix an audio item.

IOW, in the words of the Saturday Night skit: "what should they do? FIX IT!"

Best of luck.

I’m located in the St Louis metro area. Used to be a shop called Alpha tec that was an authorized Yamaha repair shop. He knew the old stuff and brought my CR2020 back to life. Unfortunately, he closed down several years ago.

i only know of two other audio shops here.(other than big box) and they don’t do repairs.

Any store selling audio equipment in driving range.?

They either have their own 'guy', or someone nearby to handle problems that occur.

Call some of the high end audio stores in Chicago. They can recommend someone to contact.