Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC

Where / How can I purchase a Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC in NA? I emailed Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp but never got a reply. I don't speak Japanese and was hoping they can read English. LOL!!!
When I got my Yamamoto DAC in JAN. 2010 I was so impressed with its sound I sent Shigeki Yamamoto an email expressing my gratitude. I received a reply within days in english(it was very gracious).Samuel Furon of Ocellia does carry this line in Canada.I`m not sure if he`s the North American distributor however.
I can understand your interest,superb redbook CD playback. It`s an 'exceptionally' pure and natural sounding DAC that goes pretty much unoticed in this country.
Thanks Charles, that's what I'm hearing from ears I trust. The Yamamoto best several popular DACs in the 35K+ range.
Hi Knghifi,
The YDA DAC lacks USB and has but a single RCA input i.e. it has little flexibility and frills.It seemingly was built for only one purpose, pure music reproduction and the emotional beauty it provides when things are kept natural and the emphasis is centered on realism.

Mr. Yamamoto avoids op-amps and any trace of NFB in his DAC.His power supply is very stout and regulated and the transformer he uses is significantly over specified for DAC duty. The output stage is ultra simple and direct.

The result is organic -holistic beauty and truth.Tone,timbre and harmonics are dead on accurate(tonality really matters to me). This DAC extracts the best from CDs(but it won`t make crap sound good). I`ve heard some very good and well regarded CD players/DACs but the Yamamoto is IMO one of the very best.I have the SS version, there is a tube YDA also.6 Moons reviewed both and in the tubed version review there are many comparisions between both(conclusion, he felt both are superb with subtle differences).Which one are you interested in?
Roscoeiii, never got your msg. Agon must of censored it. :-)

Charles1dad, I'm leaning toward the SS version. I plan to use ethernet and don't care for USB. Besides inferior performance, I don't need a laptop in my rack. :-)
I believe you`ll be very happy with it. I`m surprised you`re aware of this DAC as it`s seldom talked about much. It really does fly under the audiophile radar.
The USA distributor for Yamamoto is found at ratocsystems.com They`re located in Santa Clara, CA.
Knghifi, I am considering to get a Yamamoto YDA-01B DAC? Did you get one and how do you like it?
Kudret, my PS Audio MKII with bridge sounds excellent so I decided to change speakers instead. Sold my EW Andra IIs months ago and Logitech Boom is my only system now so busy shopping for speakers.
If you`re happy with what you have there`s no compelling reason to change. I think you would have really enjoyed the Yamamoto DAC but obviously you don`t need both DACs.
Good luck with your speaker quest.
Charles1dad, dac is like computers, I don't chase the latest and greatest. I had a MW Transporter before the PWD and with a few tweaks, it was still competitive with everything I've auditioned. With some materials, I prefer it over the PWD.
I agree, often it's better to maximize what you have than constantly changing components on the upgrade path.
Anybody try the new Yamamoto YDA-02 USB dac? It is USB only output, has a built in headphone amp and cost $350. I'm curious how it would sound compared to the YDA-01?
Well, you lose the power supply, which seems a major limitation of any USB DAC. No getting around the impact of a great power supply IME
Well, I’ve just acquired the Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC and... Wow. So natural sounding with beautiful tone. I’m floored.
I have no patience for current DACs with their hyper detailed sound. The Yamamoto is so easy to listen to and brings incredible joy every time I do.

Charles, may I ask who did the CAST Lundahl mod and how much more is it worth doing?

Hi devilboy,

No Lundahl modification. I just had a local tech replace the stock 
output coupling caps (which  are very good) with the Duelund CAST copper foil capacitors. This was done quite some time ago (6 years or so) and the CAST pair cost about 450.00 at that time. . Worth every penny IMHO.

Absolutely agree with your listening impressions. Beautifully natural, instruments and voices just sound right. Yamamoto has not modified or changed anything with this DAC since its introduction more than 10 years ago. When the sound is pure and natural there's  no need to tamper with the product.

I've had mind for probably  8 or 9 years (maybe even longer). I was very happy with the stock DAC and only changed the caps due to my success /happiness with the CAST caps placed in my speaker's crossover done about a year prior.  I've heard quite a few very well regarded DACs through the years but not one of them has given me the urge to replace the  simple Yamamoto YDA-01. It has stood the test of time. It just  flies under the radar.


Oops. Sorry. Meant Duelund. I have a close friend who is very handy with audio equipment/ soldering, etc. Maybe I’ll ask him to do it.
Where did u purchase them, may I ask?

The Yamamoto will be fed into a Raven Audio Nighthawk MKIII. Pics in my Virtual Systems will follow.
The capacitors are a pretty easy installation for someone handy with a soldering iron. The Duelund CAST are quite large but there's plenty of interior space (the YDA-01 is built with a very low parts count) . Most likely why it sounds so good,  very simple circuit with minimal parts. I know that it sounds wonderful with your Raven Nighthawk. You have a really nice audio system. 
I bought them at the "Parts connecxion",  so the Hegel was replaced by the Yamamoto and Raven combo? I imagine that  resulted in a different sonic character and presentation. 

Basically, yes. I was using the Hegel Rost as an all-in-one (DAC/PRE/AMP). Let me tell you... This thing is a killer piece. I’m really not comfortable with selling it.

The Raven Nighthawk has not arrived yet. I received two emails from FedEx. One days tomorrow, the other says Wednesday.

I’m REALLY looking forward to the the Yamamoto/Raven union.

I just can’t express how happy I am with this Yamamoto. Some people love hyper detailed zip and zap, digital to analog converters. They seem to be all the rage today... Not me. They sound too HiFi and not natural at all.
I sold the Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers.
While they did some things very well, in the end they just weren’t for me.

I replaced them with a pair of Nola Contenders. Much more natural sounding.
I think they’ll be lovely with the Yamamoto and Raven.
I’ll post pictures in my Virtual Systems this week.
“They sound too HFi and not natural at all”
Yep, I completely understand and agree 100%. Again that’s why I have had this DAC for so many years. It just sounds right playing all types of music. I believe you are going to love your Raven amplifier/NOLA pairing.

@charles1dad  I'm thinking of replacing the fuse in my Yamamoto DAC. Do you know what value fuse goes in it? I'm thinking of a Synergistic Orange only because a lot of people talk about it but I really have no idea about what fuses are good these days.
Off the top of my head I don’t remember and I’m not at home now. I ’think’ a short length 3 amp slow blow. There should be a spare fuse at the IEC site on the rear of the DAC. It has been a number of years ago when I installed a SR black fuse that’s still in there. It was clearly an improvement.

I’d get the orange fuse and I believe that you will be very pleased. Install it , listen and then reinstall in the other direction. One direction is nearly always better sounding than the other. Upgrade fuses as you know are a controversial topic. In my experience with numerous components they are a definite improvement.

Audiogon member david_ten recently placed some SR Orange fuses in some of his components and says they're fantastic!  I trust David's ears/judgement. He has a superb audio system that reveals all.
@charles1dad  thanks Charles. I appreciate the help and I'll keep you posted.

Btw... This Yamamoto is amazing. You know when you get that component in your system and you realize that you've listened to a few songs and you haven't critiqued or analyzed anything? You're just listening to music?  This is the first DAC to do that for me, but I'm sure you knew that.
I know precisely what you mean. The Yamamoto DAC has the same affect in my system as when I got my 300b SET amplifier.  Immediately it was apparent that the music listening became more natural, realistic and undeniably more emotionally involving.

As you note, no thought to analyze or critique various audiophile sonic parameters.  The overwhelming desire was simply listening to the music and connecting with the musicians and performers. After all these years that has not changed even a small bit.
Hi guys,
I took Charles advice and put in the Duelund Cast caps. The difference is not subtle. But also after a while, I was thinking that maybe the sound was a bit too "pure".  So I added/bypassed the Duelunds with 0.22uF Jupiter Condenser Red Astron caps.

These caps have some tin in the windings, and have a sound I've really loved, giving beautiful space and naturalness also in my VAC Standard LE preamp. I think the Jupiters really made the icing to the awesome Duelunds in my Yamamoto.
And it also turned out that later Duelund themselves made a Cast copper/tin plated cap, which Tony at Humble Homemade Hifi considered even better than the pure copper version.

I'm really loving the music at home - and friends go "wow" and are a bit jealous.  ;)