Yaqin integrated anybody heard them or own one

Had to sell off some of system last year art audio,bat,pass lab,just need something to get me by for a while saw these and price is so low I would like to give them a try but can it be any good at this price I was going to buy Cayin or jolida until I saw these any input would be helpful.
A few years back, I bought a Yaquin hybrid amp. Tube input and solid state output. It looked very pretty on the outside, but inside it was a piece of crap. There was a huge cover over the power transformer which would lead one to believe the transformer was big. Not so, it was smaller than what is in a cheap table radio.

The sound was just barely acceptable until the amp smoked and took out the entire left channel of my Vandersteen speakers. It cooked the tweeter and crossover. It cost me 100.00 to ship the Vandersteen out for repair, plus another 350.00 for Vandersteen to replace the tweeter and crossover.. I dumped that piece of junk amp very quickly. Luckily, the amp came with a 30 day money back guarantee so I returned it to China and waited 4 months for a refund, minus shipping charges. I really lost my shirt on that deal.

This was 4 years ago, perhaps their quality got better.
I had the same amp as Stereo 5. I changed a few key parts and rolled the tubes, after that it was pretty good. it really didn't have any tubed flair. My brother is using it today. A buddy tried one of the others, I'm thinking 40 watts per channel. It had some bloom, reasonable detail, did everything decent or quite good for $500, but it didn't compete with better tubed gear.
I had a 50W EL34 based integrated (I think the model was MC10L or something like that). For the money it was very nice. I didn't have it for long so I can't say anything about reliability. I sold it because it was a spare system that didn't get used much. I would buy one again though . . .
I have an MC-10T that has been driving a pair of Wharfedale Opus speakers for over a year. It has run great and is a perfect match for the speakers. It is easy to bias the tubes and even my wife likes how it looks.