I just purchased their PASSION 650 stereo amp. Some of the sweetest solid-state Watts I have heard; this is after letting go of my BEL CANTO 40 SET AMP.  Given how wonderful YBA products are I am wondering why I’ve heard of them only once or twice in the last dozen years or so, and I think both times have been me. Anyone out there have first hand listening experience with YBA?
I have their vintage budget line -AudioRefinement - in my bedroom and built a system using the same components for my girlfriend. Both sound great. 
I have run YBA for quite a while, first with the Audio Refinement series, then YBA separates and now a 100w Passion integrated. All performed very well but I never really had another amp/preamp to compare to. In my opinion one of the coolest features of the YBA line is the remote and volume control. It does not seem linear. Hard to explain but it seems the volume has two different "levels" There is a point in the control where the volume "jumps" from a low listening level to more of a "powered" level. Kind of like you have multiple volume points at low listening levels and then a separate set of volume points at higher volume levels. Hard to explain like I said. Maybe someone can explain the mechanics of it better than I unless I am imagining it!
PS - The AR line amp I had also had a cool feature for a budget component - gain level adjustments. Worked wonders with my cd player. No attenuators need. 
As I understand it there was a great deal of personal intrigue in this brand, involving a divorce, and brand ownership, yadda yadda.

I didn't follow it very closely, but this may partly explain why this brand kind of exploded on the American scene and then disappeared.
Yves Bernard Andre, is the company.

They even did/made their own transistors. Output devices, IIRC.

Well made stuff, with a refined tastes type aim.

When you are done with the big buttocks, breast implant and collagen lips kind of musical beauty-bluntness of the mid-high level pretension... and have learned a bit more about how things should really sound and can sound..then you can get introduced to things in the audio world like YBA.

We all do this at different speeds, some right way in their audio adventures..some after decades...and some...not in this life.
Mcondo , do you find the same as far as the sweetness of the solid-state sound? I owned an  Integra for years.  I loved it as well.  Sometimes I long for some serious WPC to exercise my very efficient speakers to Serious SPL levels with even better sound than my SET at low volumes.
I have a blue laser yba cd player . Going on 15 years. It’s so musical or sweet so refined. I have tried others but always come back to my blue laser. My local yba dealer went out of business. So no chance to upgrade. 
See my system page. I use their audio refinement line wit proacs and mogami wire. Love the sound. 
I have their Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amp in my second system. It's a sweet little integrated amp.
I’ve got a YBA WD202 dac direct connection to poweramp here that does everything but mix you a drink, it was very good stock, but with a simple buffer opamp change 10min job (they used the oldest nastiest $1 opamp TLO72), changed for the "fairly" good OPA2134, which is YBA’s stock for the I/V stage also, turned it into something pretty special.
Now I don’t go much for DS dacs, but this one is a hybrid, some 6bits of R2R multibit and the rest DS.

Cheers George
I visited a person who had a YBA CDP.  It sounded very musical. I began to look into one (old models now) and he told me that he had nothing but issues with the unit.  My research also turned up the same (CDPs only).  So do your homework.  From what people are saying here, nobody has reported any issues so go figure.

Happy Listening.
Of the two AR systems - each with CDP, tuner, and integrated amp - one tuner died (easier to replace than repair) and one amp needed repairs. Both CDPs are alive and well. 
Good to hear from you  @warrenh.

That Bel Canto amp is no slouch! I will check out YBA again.

Indeed. The Bel Canto, as you say, was no slouch but the YBA top to bottom rings truer to my ears. It is uncanny how much  it sounds like a tube amp. And the power really provides something my SET could not do. is The Black Keys Gold on the Ceiling, Gregory Porter’s Holding On and Pink Floyd, Time to name a few. It’s a very personal thing, but the Woodstock baby in me sometimes loves to go to hard rock ear bleed quality levels. Btw, I am still using my Bel Canto SEP 1 modified SET preamp. It’s nice to be back on the ‘gon
I had a YBA 2 pre amp.
It was dead quiet and nicely refined, but not super special.
Of course that was 20 years ago.
I also have the Audio Refinement integrated amp and CD player. It's an incredible combo. The build quality, attention to detail, sound...all top notch. 
I own a pair of YBA Passion 600 monos and they are very musical. Mine were the baby brother of the highly regarded Passion 1000 and those models went away around 2007. YBA was designed by the owner Yves Bernard Andre from France and was highly used to drive the Focal Utopia speakers of old both being made in France. High quality parts were used throughout including C-core transformers, transistors, vishay resistors, ect. No parts exceptions on these.
Also the lay-out was simple compared to many current designs and runs in class AB maintaining cool temperatures. The sound is very smooth and refined with everything in place and good tight bass. 
Yves is still there in France I am told but implements the highest end product called the Signature line. I am told he is a perfectionist by an ex-dealer I bought mine from. The rest of the line is sourced to another country under his direction I believe. There is a dealer in Dayton Ohio called TMH-Audio that carries the current line and can expound more. 
I have been enjoying my Integre DT for over 15 years. Several other amps (SS and Valve) have come into the picture but the YBA will be with me forever. For the money, and than some, you can't get any better.
I have had YBA in my system for last 20+ years, got them because they have sound of tube with benefits of SS. Remember that older units were made in France, Refinement and Passion series are made in China. Prof. Andre has, to my knowledge, distanced himself from Chinese company, but not sure. So, if you find unit made in France, grab it. Rarely seen on AGon. Best part is, they are incredibly efficient. After playing for hours, the heat sinks barely get lukewarm. They need to be left on all the time for heat stability and consume only 6 watts in idle state. The Signature series is interesting in that, each component is hand tested by the professor, auditioned and signed by him.
The older passion that I own was their top of line made in France back in the late 90's to early 2000's. I believe when he sourced out the newer series but kept the Passion name only the Signature series is now made in France. Not sure when that move was made (but think it is available on-line) but thought he is still keeping an eye on the complete line not just the signature that he oversees.
Hey guys!
As the US Distributor of YBA, a point of clarification...

Although Yves-Bernard Andre continues as part of the ownership team and the Chief Designer for Signature, Passion & Genesis series, there is no manufacturing in France of YBA products.

To YBA's credit, they do not attempt to hide or obscure the manufacturing location.

Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
Speaking of China:
I wonder how many high end audio companies manufacture in China?  Anyone? I wonder if my YBA Passion 650 would sound even better if it was made in France?
I’m afraid many make in China. You can get very high quality products from China, the issue is partnering with a company that works with you and ensures your quality processes are included in the prices and costs.

Too often manufacturers go to China, and ask for the lowest possible price, regardless of final quality or components. That is where the quality issues come from.
I don't know about others in the range but my YBA-WD202 has CEU after the serial no. externally and internally it's as good as if it were made by Pass Labs.

Cheers George 
MADE IN USA is no guarantee; conversely made in China? It’s all about the mother company and monitoring quality
Jim, the sound of my amp delivers the goods big time, but should I be concerned about China? What is YBA doing to  monitor quality assurance, parts, construction etc. An inquiring mind would like to know. Thanks in advance
I have a 2 preamp and 3 dual transfo amp riving Vandersteens and have been happy going on 25 years. These pieces ere made in France by YBA himself and I stopped looking after I bought them as demos. If you like music and are not as concerned about equipment this is your kit.
Hello I own a YBA 600 poweramp and I must say its the finest sounding poweramp I have owned.My preamp is a audible illusions m3 very nice synergey.
I heard a few of their pieces yba1 and top stereo passion. I can sum up the sound by saying it's dry. Opposite of this gear would be Hegel, Dartzeel & CH Precision.

On the chance that anyone is still watching this thread, I wonder if someone has some advice? I have a Passion Integre, circa 2002-2003, and have been thinking about connecting a preamp via the HT bypass on the Integre. At that time in the Passion series, did YBA make a separate amp and preamp?