Yet another Cheap DAC thread...

I've narrowed down my choices to the Schiit Modi 2 and the Emerald Physics DAC-1.
Has anyone compared these two?
What else should I be looking at?

Listening is casual while working at my computer. Speakers are the excellent Audioengine +5 which are perfect for my situation.
Somehow the subject line of this thread got truncated and should read "yet another Cheap DAC thread" I'm attempting to to correct the title of this thread.
I use a HRT Music Streamer II in a 2nd system. Simple and sounds fine. Can be bought used under $100. I have not heard the other mentioned DACs.
"05-09-15: Cerrot
and would you be listening to real music or MP3.s?"

Actually all the music I listen to is so beautiful it's simply and devastatingly unreal.

When I said "cheap" I was thinking around a hundred bux or so. But I found an eBay deal on a Behringer UCA202 which I figured I'd try. What's to lose at under $25 including shipping?

Well, right out of the box, while it may not be a giant-slayer, to these ears, it's a significant improvement over the sound card in my desktop MAC. The Behringer is a new unit and I'm eager to learn if some break-in hours will improve the sound even further.

Spotify streaming classical music has more air and detail with tighter bass. Imaging is improved. There is simply more "immediacy."

I love this hobby- especially when I find insanely great value for money spent.