Your definition of soundstage

I'm having difficulty describing the term soundstage lately. I've enjoyed owning and listening to a good number of high end speakers over the years (owning the lesser end)and am interested in soundstage depth comparisons.

Each speaker that I've heard places the band in a different space. This can be front row, mid hall, lively, laid back, deep, in your face, etc.

I love the presentation of Verity speakers. I also own a pair of Reynaud's that are more lively and a touch warmer. The stage is more immediate with the Reynauds and the Verity's (Fidelio Encore) are more set back and refined in a different way.

What are your opinions on where the music comes from? Please name brands and try to describe the presentations you prefer.
Beerdraft, could you identify some of the music that presents itself in the form of a 20 foot wide soundstade with your system, please? I would love to experiment with soundstage optimization. It would be great to start with source material that contains such information and avoid the certain futility of trying to extract something that isn't there.

From the OP's original comments about the differences between various speakers in his setup: "Each speaker that I've heard places the band in a different space. This can be front row, mid hall, lively, laid back, deep, in your face, etc." In my experience these parameters can all be addressed with speaker placement and room treatments. Even the final positioning of the listening chair for focus will have an effect.
Listens2tubes, I don't have enough experience with room treatment to argue your point but wouldn't that mean a change in speakers would also need a significant change in room treatment?

Der, a fun cd if you like Jerry Gonzalez is Y Los Pirates Del Flamenco. I wouldn't say 20 feet wide (not on my system anyway) but it's well recorded with nice dimension.
Der, I will have to look at the cd's but most stuff is only about 13 to 14 feet wide. That said some classical like Beethoven and stuff with orchestra can get much wider and sound like some parts are coming from way out to right or left and or very, very deep. I will try to revisit some of them soon and let you know which ones I experience this on but I don't often listen to this classical stuff. My wife likes it so I will play if she comes down. I have a guy coming to set up my speakers from Illinois whom I am paying. I'm wondering what he will do with my setup and if it will improve. I hear he is one of the best so I'm looking forward to it and hope I don't mess with it once he is done. I'm bad about moving things every now and then just to see if there is anything else, sometimes it works and others it means you spend hours trying to get it exactly back where you had it.