Your system TOO resolving? MacC200 vs ML32S

Tried out a MacC200&ML320S this weekend and find myself in a paradox. My system is Paradigm sig s8's, classe cam 350's. wireworld eclipse,marantz dv8400(to be upgraded). They were both quite good, the only dicernable difference was while the Mac sounded detailed, the ML was finding more detail. In Holly Coles "I can see clearly now", I could here her voice waver more prominantly. The anal engineer in me instantly said "contest over", it goes to ML. As time wore,I noticed Holly's voice on the ML did not have the smooth silky character that I love so much(which I assume is the accurate condition(?) I started wondering if the ML was actually pumping up the detail as some of the "S" sounds on the end of Holly's words were almost too loud for real. I of course like to hear both the voice waver and the silk. On most CD's they sound very similar, but the ML MIGHT be a bit punchier and the Mac a bit laid back. I don't like the laid back(or slow) character of mac amps, but with these almost hyper-detailed speakers, the Mac's slightly smoother tone is appealing. I wouldn't call the mac warmer, just as Paul Bolin stated, perhaps "forgiving". But how can I not go for better resolution? Spend 40K and "dumb" it down with a preamap? I'm fairly new to this, any help with my crisis? Thanks! This forum is great.
I spent a decade with a system, in various forms, that I hated because I purchased gear that had better detail than what I had been using; I find that I can still get caught up in the "details".

I recall many years ago purchsing a separate amp and pre that was clearly more detailed than the little integrated I replaced, yet the integrated was far more enjoying musicaly, I justified it at the time, huge mistake.
i've heard the mac's described as a lot of things, but never 'slow'. both pre's are reference quality, but listening to female vocals and small jazz combos will not put either of these pieces to the test. the mac is the "tubier" sounding of the two, though compared to other mac pre's such as the c2200, it is very detailed. you have a very nice system. Go with the pre you will enjoy listening to for a long period of time(like years). ironically, thats the goal at 40 dollars or 40k. Also the top of the line classe is no slouch either
Brianmgrarcom made an excellent point,i think way too many of us get caught up in the detail end of our rigs & loose sight of whats really important,i'll save everybody the standard (its all about the music line of crap)but many of us started out to have a great all around sounding rig before highly detailed became the most important thing on earth.

when detail becomes more important than having a rig thats fun to listen to thats when the madness has taken over.

go with the preamp that makes you happiest when your kicking back with your eye's closed just listening to the music & not trying to pick up on the detail.
Sounds to me like you already know what you want. Go ahead and trust yourself.

All very good advice above. I've gone through tons of equipment in search of detail becuase that's what I thought it was all about. I found myself listening just for the details, wondering if my system was resolving enough, whether it was "audiophile enough" or if it needed something else. I was doing all of that while a song was playing instead of just closing my eyes and listening to the music. Instead of being moved by the music, I would just end up giving myself a headache. I think to truly enjoy this hobby, it's important to choose the piece of equipment that makes you stop constantly trying to listen for the sound of the tiolet flushing in the bathroom next to the control room when the song was being recorded, but rather let's you relax after a hard day at work, close your eyes, and simply takes you away into that song you love so much. Just my 2 cents. Good luck on your journey.

These are some really good responses and I for one certainly need take heed from them. It all started out for me about the joy of listening to music. Somewhere along the way this insatiable insanity took over. It seems like it's become a maddening quest for the details. Not only do I listen for the sound of the flushing toilet that Michaela mentions in his response, but I'm also trying to determine if it's a new low flow model or if it's an old toilet.
I'm trying to relax and get back to the music because that is really what it is about. I intend to do just that after my new speaker cables get here and my new speakers get built!
Get yourself 2 Monarchy Audio SM-70 pro monoblocks run them fully balanced. 80 watts pure class A. Home audition and they only cost $1,250/pair. Get your detail AND music.

Do a google search for MONARCHY AUDIO SM-70".

Read the reviews from Soundstage etc.
I've owned Paradigm Studio 100's versions one and two. Your description, using the ML, sounds like what I started hearing while auditioning the version three. While auditioning the Signature 8's it became clear that the sonic direction Paradigm was taking seemed far less musical to me. The S 8's are a beautiful speaker with great bandwidth at an affordable price point, their upper midrange on up was somehow very annoying to me.

I think your electronics are fine, Try some different speaker systems such as Vandersteen or Avalon.
I love natural (vs.non-etched hyper) detail.It gives me goose bumps.When it is done right it is like wiping a steamed window to look outside.However,if the view is only of a garbage dump,then what is the use?You need a beautiful view outside of the window.