Many nice gents in this site, highly reputable common folks audiophiles like @lalitk @wig and others have mentioned these, so it’s probably time to create a specific thread on Zavfino, a direct sales cables company based in Canada with presence ‘ distributors in US, also direct:

I took the advice of these folks with a power cord, the Prima MK2

I could not be happier with this cord, something that would easily cost $2,000 or even $3,000 from other better known cable makers. It’s outstanding, for about $500. Absolutely amazing build, and packaging too. It sounds great, very quiet. I am sure the cheaper PC, the Majestic at $390 is very good too: 
I now have the Prima speaker cables on my way. Call me “sold”.

No BS, truly top quality cables company that flies under the radar. Very affordable too. Take a look. No relation to the company, just a happy first time customer, thanks to my Audiogon friends here

Scored some prima speaker cables today...hole in head filled for a little while.My wife will be happy bout that too.On the other hand looking forward to getting them finally.


Congratulations! I believe you’re in for a treat with Prima Speaker cables. Please post your feedback at your leisure. 

Have had Arcadia balanced ICs now for a couple of weeks, and they are equaling or beating cables almost 10x more costly that have been my reference. So now I'm going to try the Silver Dart ICs, in hopes they will be even better. 

I just ordered Arcadia RCA. Will receive it soon. They will be installed between the step up and the pre. Hope they are well protected from EMI and RFI because I still have some noise when I listen vinyls (earth is well connected and cables as far as possible from each other). We will see. 

@senza I’m waiting on my Arcadia RCAs as well and they’re also for the link between phono stage and preamp. They have an uphill battle against a well broken in pair of BlueJeans RCAs which are surprisingly awesome in that spot. But for the price I couldn’t resist trying the Zavfinos.