Hi everyone 

I bought the ARCADIA MK2 but the bass is too boomy so the music loses its refinement , the image is less natural and compress.

Does anyone have experience with these two cable ?

Does it worth to change it against Fusion ?
Is the bass in Fusion under the control and no boomy and the image open and natural ?

thanks in advance 


I have the Fusion & love them in my set up. How long have you burnt the in for? They might need some time.

@behzad I have the Arcadia and they need some break in. Bass is boomy right out of the box and top end is soft. Give them at least between 50-100hrs of break in and they begin to improve. They will open up but I believe in general they’re are polite sounding cables with very nice soundstage. They don’t pretend to be what they’re not and that’s their advantage. 
If you do get around to trying the fusion please let us know how they’re different from the Arcadia. 

I have QED signature as demo who has a boomy bass but it has a holographic sound , the cable went through cryo too

I want to use them between  chord qutest and naim xs2 or goldnote ph-10 to xs2 

I had mine settle between DAC and pre just left it streaming 24/7. 
Using now on Sutherland phono stage. I like the Arcadia so far. Bit more speed and texture in bass and slightly more extention/air on top wouldn’t hurt but then we’re talking about cables costing 4-5 times or more. This is contrasting the Arcadia with my Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper. 
Next to AZ they’re great value but don’t expect them to sound like $2k-$3k interconnects. 

I have 2 pairs of Fusion and a Highlands MkII phono. They sound revealing with no boominess or etch.

So I have a bunch of Audioquest Colorado RCA and XLR cables in my system. Has anyone here done a comparison to either the Arcadia or the Fusion cables?



@curiousjim AQ Colorado was the other cable I considered. Never got around to trying it. I’m posting my updates and observations in the Zavfino thread  


I am most surprised to hear that any interconnect could impact a frequency/frequencies to such an extent as to induce boominess.  Either before or after burn in.

You can read the same analysis that was provided by @sdl4 

Now that I have had three weeks to try out the Zavfino Fusion and Arcadia interconnects (as balanced XLRs), I wanted to update the initial impressions I summarized earlier in this thread. Most of my impressions have remained unchanged. I still think that the Fusions sound clear, open, and quite natural, with well-balanced sound overall. In my system, the Arcadia continues to sound warm, smooth, and forgiving, but the highs sound a bit softened or rounded off. There seems to be plenty of bass, but it doesn't sound particularly well-controlled or refined to me. Imaging is okay, but not outstanding. In contrast, the Fusion is more transparent, images better, and sounds more "real."

Because my early listening favored the sound of the Fusion over the Arcadia, I spent more time with the Fusion and made direct comparisons with my reference XLR, the Cardas Clear Reflection. In comparison to the Cardas CR, the Fusion doesn't sound as full-bodied or rich. It simply has less "meat on the bones," as some reviewers like to say. It was also not as forgiving on poor recordings or as musical on good recordings that included many overlapping layers of sound, such as the song "The Price of Love" on the recent Robert Plant-Alison Krauss album "Raise the Roof." Too often, I thought that the Fusion needed more weight to match the rich fullness of the Cardas CR. In terms of the warm-cool spectrum, I thought the Fusion was fairly neutral while the CR adds a bit of warmth without overdoing it - at least in my system. 

Although I had hoped that the Fusion might equal or even surpass the CR in my system and for my preferences, the CR still won out. Providing amazing clarity and excellent imaging while costing less than a third of what the CR costs, the Fusion XLR is an exceptional value. 


They are good match for my AV, I use it to connect power amplifier to AV , the front speakers have the tendency to be a little harsh ( not bright ) and the cable remove the harshness ,I always wanted to replace the cable with something warmer that remove this harshness , a cable like Belden 8402 , now I start to appreciate this cable👌

But for my stereo system I bought the tellurium black 2 , I will receive them next week

I’ve returned the cable and tried oyaide neo d+ class s v2 , this cable is a bargain and it competes easily against tellurium q back which I cancel my command 

the bass hits hard but not boomy , the music breath and the image is natural , cable need a break in