Zu Audio Dirty Weekends Mk. II's versus Klipsch Forte III or Cornwall III

Looking for impressions between the Heritage Forte III's/Cornwall III's versus the Zu DW Mk.2's?  

I love my Zu DW Mk.2's with the Clarity Cap upgrade but still very interested in the new Klipsch reissues.

Thanks in advance!
I have not heard any of the Zu's but i have heard the Cornwall's and you need to also consider they are larger speakers in comparison and require a much larger room then the ZU's also they are more money unless your buying used. I would say they are not going to sound very similar as the Cornwalls are horn loaded mid and tweets with that large base driver. they also need stands. as for sound I feel they are not up to the more refined modern sound and lack in the detail and mid areas. bass is good if not overly deep.  I would only consider them if used as the price on the web site is each so take that into consideration ($3k each on the Canadian site) also they only make the speakers when they have enough pre-orders for a batch.