Zu Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale today

The good folks at Zu certainly know a thing or two about creating hype around new products. The Dirty Weekend 6 went on sale this morning. It was positioned as a first come first served release with a November delivery. I bought a pair with the "supreme" upgrade. A little risky buying without hearing them first, but I figure I can probably unload them if they're not to my liking, since they'll probably sell out. Any thoughts on these or Zu in general for that matter ..


I ordered a pair as well (the base model DW6). 


I’ve owned the Zu Omen MK II for about 5 years give or take. And it’s a truly awesome speaker. I did the same thing you did a bought them blind. I had begun getting frustrated demoing speakers from a local vendor (vendor was great but the expensive list of speakers I marched through meh). Zu speakers are not always praised for top end clarity, or super detailed hifi sound (at least their most affordable models) but what some may argue they lack there (I think they sound great top to bottom) they more than make up with their energetic dynamic and “live” presentation. Be prepared for some hate.  People who dislike them can be a judgmental bunch. I’ve happily used mine without a subwoofer and I enjoy bass especially with hip hop and the like. These are supposed to improve in every one of these new areas with the updated cabinet and port loading design.  And I have trouble finding fault with the MkII.  I’ve used them with cheap equipment and very expensive equipment. And while they will reward you when running with well matched gear, they’ll sing being driven by just about anything. 

Zu has a very awesome but polarizing approach and sound. Usually the people who enjoy them fall in love.  I’ve trialed a good deal of other audiophile gear from source to amp. Zu speakers help you forget about all that mess and concentrate one what’s really important…enjoying the music. 

I hope you’re as happy with your purchase as I know I will be. 

That’s awesome.  That finish looks so dope. Very interested to hear what you think of them.

 I’m tempted to upgrade to the Superfly as they have that ready to ship. I will certainly post my very novice opinions on here.  I’m planning on running them in a modest system with an Arcam SA20 fed by the co-ax on a Sonos Port pumping  Tidal. I’m sure my Benchmark Dac/preamp and Rogue Audio Stereo 100 will find there way into running them as well. 

Temptation is certainly trying to get the better of me on the Superfly upgrade.  They’re waiting on some parts for the base model and estimated it would be 3-4 weeks before shipment (Ordered 9/6). 

Thanks for the encouraging response. Got notified today that mine are shipping on 9/23. Fyi, Steve Guttenberg reviewed the DW6 yesterday on YouTube.

Yup. I saw that. And he’s keeping them!  Hard to give them higher praise than that. He seemed to agree that Zu has improved the sound in all the ways they claim.


I’m eventually going to try to get my hands on a First Watt amp. They’ve always been reviewed as some of the best amplifiers for Zu speakers. It looks like from your profile pic you have a Decware Zen Triode—read nothing but good things about how it pairs with Zu for modest listening levels. 

Welp couldn’t help it…

Upgraded to the DW6 Superfly in satin black. They should be in stock and ready to ship. If so hopefully first impressions next weekend.

If I win the lottery and pay off my kids student loans, I will buy a pair of the Soul 6 in BLUE!

Zu DW6 Superfly in the house.


Very brief initial impressions…Still have that awesome Zu house sound but they’re definitely more detailed and nuanced than my Omen MKII.  They already sound better than the KLH model 5s that are going back (my most recent demo). Going to run them in over the next couple of days and post more in depth thoughts and some pics Sunday. 

First listen they sound like winners. I think I’m going to be very happy for a very long time. 

Please let us know how they are.  I have Omen 2s and am seriously thinking about getting a pair of these.

Will do. I’m planning on doing a lot of listening this weekend. The Superfly comes with 200hrs of break in and I’m using them with other well worn in equipment.  I wish I had my Omen MKII in the same space to AB but unfortunately they’re at a buddies music studio at the moment.  However, I’ve lived with those speakers since 2016 and know them pretty darn well. I’ll do my best to post something meaningful and helpful on Sunday.  

So I’ve spent the better part of the day with these and here are my initial impressions. 

Again my system Sonos Port to Schiit Bifrost Multibit to Arcam SA20. Crutchfield  speaker cables and OSD interconnects. I have the satin black with the Superfly upgrade package.  

These seem to indeed be noticeably more detailed, and resolving. I was expecting to take a hit in detail when moving from the KLH Model 5 I’m also demoing. Not so at all. However somehow they are MUCH more forgiving than the KLH. Two very different speakers. Just an AB I happen to have in front of me at the moment. 

From memory they are also much more detailed and resolving than my Omen MKII. I venture to guess they can more rewarding/punishing of gear being used to run them. They certainly still have that Zu sound but it is more refined and elegant. Perhaps a tad less warm and fuzzy. 

The bass seems improved as well…in just about every way. You can increase the bass by pushing these bad boys into a corner/up against a wall. They will thump, but in a very musical and pleasing manner. 

They play pleasantly at low levels but really start to come alive when you push peaks into the low 80s in my listening space. 

I think summing it up these are definitely a step up in a lot of ways from any of the previous Omen/DW iterations.  They are certainly less fussy about placement and the dreaded gap height fiddling is moot (I have mine on Zus sources rubber isolation feet). They are not as forgiving to recordings but are more rewarding on the top end. Detail retrieval cohesion and bass have all been improved. If you’re someone looking for more refinement this might be a great spot between resolution and forgiveness. 

If you want a super fat warm Zu Sound that’s still here…but you might be better served with the standard DW6 and throw the $499 Superfly upgrade at some tubes/tubed equipment. 

 I don't have DWs but do have Omen Defs.No one ever speaks of them though,lol!Reading about DWs and other Zu products is always of interest though.Which components compliment their sound,positioning in peoples rooms, etc.I was completely smitten within minutes of first turning mine on.

I'll be interested in hearing about the new and improved speakers, when people actually receive theirs and can describe what they are hearing.


I’m also very interested to hear what people think of the new design.  Sounds like a decent sized batch of the DW6 are going out Friday of this week. 


I’m also interesting in these speakers. But I wonder how they treat poor productions? Do they kill everything that is not at least good produced?

Have you listen to any classical music? Some speakers makes violins just sound like strings without any body.

Do they sound as Darko Audio says about Soul 6: ”the Zu Soul 6 for me are closer to a scaled down version of a PA-system than any other speaker than I’ve had…”? I don’t want chamber music in a church or a jazz trio in a small club to sound like they are playing through a PA-system. 

While you can certainly tell between poorly recorded and well recorded music, this speaker doesn’t punish bad recording the way some hifi speakers I’ve listened to do. Poorly recorded music can still be very enjoyable through these speakers. 

I’m probably not the best person to attest to this speakers reproduction of stringed instruments—at least those that aren’t guitar banjo or bass and the like. I don’t listen to much classical music.  I flipped some on for giggles and it sounds good to my ears but again I’d take that with a huge grain of salt. 

I do listen to a ton of jazz. I honestly think this is one of this speakers strongest genres. If they sound like PA speakers I wanna live at the club that has them.  I think they do a great job of recreating intimate jazz recordings. I see a lot of live music, at least I did pre Covid. And also have owned PA speakers in the past for band applications.  

The DW6 uses different drivers and a different cabinet than the soul 6. Steve Guttenberg seemed to favor the DW6 over the Soul. I’ve never heard the soul so I don’t know how they wound different. Just highlighting they have some very stark differences in design and seemed to sound different to Steve. 

The drivers made for Zu based on PA speakers from Eminence, but they are custom and heavily modified.  They certainly don’t sound like the few affordable PA systems I’ve known intimately.  

Thank you very much for your opinions.

I don't suppose you have done any comparison with any Klipsch from the Heritage Lineup?

I've heard Heritage III, Forte IV and Cornwall IV and besides I feel they presents the sound a little too much in the face I think they all have a bump in the midrange that I don't like at all.
Will I feel the same things with Zu DW6 and Zu speakers in general?

I actually wanted the Klipsch Forte IV and have “settled” for these Zu DW6.  While I’ve heard the Forte IV I haven’t done an extended trial as I’m not ready for that jump financially yet. But if you didn’t like those speakers you may not enjoy Zu. At least Zus more affordable offerings.  I haven’t spent any time with their more expensive offerings. However, I think in your face is a good way to describe the Zu sound.  From perusing opinions on this site and others it seems you either love or hate them. There are very few people in the middle. 

I haven’t spent as much time with the heritage series save a pair of 85’ Heresey’s with rebuilt crossovers from Bob Crites (I think that was his name I’d have to check?).  Those little things sing beautifully with tubes. 



Thanks for your thoughts.

Today I have Tannoy Legacy Eaton which I like, but they have a few drawbacks. They are just 89dB sensitive and my tube amp is just at 12w. I also think they are a little bit veild and a little bit too laidback.

I think my tube amp would love Zu DW6s 95dB sensivity. But will they be too much when it comes to soundstage? Hard question.

If I have lived in the US I had tried them out, but I'm in Sweden. Shipping cost, tax and fees will not come cheap.


Well hello from the US!  It’s a bit of a small world as my good friend who owns the studio my Zu Omen MKII live at was in the latest season of Alt for Sverige. Sucks it makes taking the dive for a pair of Zu a pain and expensive. 

I will have to do some more critical listening for sound staging. I’ve just been in joying the music and working between my laptop and phone.  Having said that, a good deal of Zu owners run tubes or specialty class A solid state with tube like character. As we speak I’m running them with my Benchmark Dac3 balanced to Rogue Audio Stereo 100 in triode mode. It’s certainly more power than your tube amp but a couple watts will play these to near rock concert levels. These speakers love tubes. 

I don’t have any experience the the Tannoy you run so unfortunate no notes there for comparison. 


Congrats on having the first "regular person" review on the internet on the new DW6s. You also have had the Omen IIs, which is the speaker I have spent lots of time listening to at a friends house (he runs a tube setup).

I ordered DW6s with the Superfly upgrade (hickory) and I pick them up next Friday. I’m hoping to get Omen II sound, if not even better, than my friend’s Omen MK II speakers w/ the cap upgrade.

One of the things that surprised me about Zu speakers is their ability to put ample amount of sound off-axis. I could stand 180 degrees off to the side of my friend’s Omen IIs and feel like I’m not losing any fidelity at all. I know they’re considered directional, but jeeze...that’s just awesome. The only thing directional I’ve noticed is the tweeter. I feel like there’s a "silky" effect that they have when you are seated directly facing it, but once you stand up you lose that effect (being about 6-8 feet away). It’s a really minor change (still sounds great) but I’m curious on your thoughts of that. I’m wondering if I need to slightly add some angle to the DW6s because I’d like to have that same "sparkle" effect both seated and standing positions. Then again, my room setup is where these DW6s are going is a much longer room than my friends setup (I’ll be sitting further back) so maybe no tilt is needed.

My room is about 22’ wide, and about 50’ deep. I’m hoping the DW6s will perform well in my corners with a slight toe-in.

Right now they will be replacing Polk RTi6 bookies that are mounted higher in the corners. I think I’m in for a real treat.

Even the Omen MK2 throws out clean, solid, musical bass. Listening to my friend’s setup, I would never even consider getting a sub!

Zu is basically marketing the DW6s as being the best Omen or Dirty Weekend speaker ever at this point. The bass and midrange is said to be better (more resolved and articulate).

To others, the Zu House sound is a "live" sound. The speakers literally disappear and the music is appearing to sound as if were being played live in your living room. It’s punchy, articulate, and IMO the speakers are able to project sound out in a way where every void just sounds great.

Lots of people say you they’re best for Jazz and classical, but honestly I enjoyed playing rock and metal records. To my ears at least, the Omens/DWs make everything sound good.

My opinion on Zu speakers is that they are not a 100% accurate speaker, nor really care to be. But IMO, they are JUST "live" enough to be musically awesome, but still allow for analytical listening if you are comparing vinyl pressings or whatever.

I’ll be powering them using my Denon PMA800NE w/ Cambridge Solo Pre-amp.

A friend has the Dirty Weekends, not sure what model number. I don't consider it a high-end speaker. It does some things fine.



I appreciate the feedback and input. I am definitely a regular person not a pro. I’ve been hanging around these forums just reading since about 2016. I finally feel like I have enough experience to not sound like a compete idiot. 

Whole hearted second on the off axis. ESP if you give these speakers a few degrees of rake (tip them back a bit). I have them in a buddies very well treated recording space. It was designed and constructed by a very talented acoustic engineer…holy crap do my MKII stereo in that room. You can sit a few feet from the right or left speaker and get crazy image. A very controlled environment, but I digress. 

These are different. I would say more of a hifi speaker (in detail retrieval for sure). The bass is so different from the bottom loading. Def digs deeper and is more musical. But after listening to my MKII again for awhile the other day, it’s just different with the back port.


I can say with confidence that the benchmark Dac 3 balanced to rogue audio stereo 100 is a killer combo. I’m still deciding how much I like my Arcam SA20 but that’s not really a fair fight…


@slaw to each their own. If any hobby is an eye of the beholder, it is ours. 

Would you say that the DW6 is the better speaker vs the Omen II, or just different?

zu considers them superior I would think being that bad believe that the omen cab design is scrapped  




I think in short @fendersrule you’re going to be happy. These have a very live sound.  I think they need to be carefully paired with equipment driving them…you mentioned your friend driving them with tubes. Paired with appropriately laid back gear they are just so damn fun. 

I’ve listened to a decent assortment of moderately priced hifi gear. These seem to strike a balance between detail and live sound. The holographic effect I think is elevated with the rear porting so I expect people to really enjoy tubes or tube pre’s with this speaker. 

I m super interested in what you and your friend think. I’m just a random guy on the internet who probably drinks too much. 

I think better but a little less forgiving. I’m learning that speakers all have trade offs. I think these are making some mad smart ones for the price. 

I’m just being totally honest and this is an early review but my brain is a little confused by the addition of resolution WITH forgiveness from the last few speakers I’ve had through my space. 

Awesome. Yeah, I’m curious to how well my Denon PMA800NE will play with it.

I’ll know soon enough!

Also, cheers!

Hell yeah!  Congrats!  These are fun speakers than wanna be turned up and party. That integrated should make some pretty music. These drivers are well known to do well with all kinds of equipment.  Very interested to hear what you think of the pairing. 


Did a rough mockup of a Zu speaker and I’m trying to figure out how the front left placement is going to work out. This picture is showing the speaker about 1’ from the left wall, and about a 5" from the front wall. But something seems wrong about the record cabinet being that close to it. Will that matter? Curious on your thoughts on how the Zu would perform in that scenario.

I’m thinking if I should pull the record cabinet about 6-8’ leftward (basically "toward" the camera so that nothing is around the speaker at all. That will require me to get a 35’ RCA cable (I hide all my AV equipment behind the TV).

Just trying to do some pre-setup so I can get started to listening to them right away this Friday!







I have found these to be less fussy about placement than the bottom loading design of the DW/Omen.  I have my left speaker a similar distance from both back and side wall and it sounds great.  I don’t have anything impeding it against wall until several more feet, but who knows…


It may very well sound great in that corner. I’ve found most speaker placement to be a bunch of trial and error. And small movements can make a decent different. 

I think tilting the speaker back a few degrees might help the stereo image fill the room better so this is an additional trick you can play with the included threaded feet and locking nut. 

I do think my Superflys are sounding a touch smoother after several days of constant play. Whether that’s my brain or the speakers I know not…..but many believe these speakers to have long break in times.

Oh boom! Thanks for that. I didn't know they had that locking nut on the bottom. Yep, I'm definitely going to play around with angle to try to get them to sound as best they can from a seated and standing position.

Yea, I hear you on break in times. One question I was going to ask you if you notice them opening up more after 200 hours. I would think 200 hours is really minimal and I would expect them to smoothen up some more!

I basically moved the mock-ups more away from the corner (and more to the right edge of the window). I think they are probably going to sound better there. I also ordered a longer RCA cable so that I can move the turntables further away from the speakers. 

I think I've prepared enough at this point, just need to get them! I'll take pictures of my ogden trip and will update.


I’m probably realistically around 100hrs at this point so it’s why I’d def qualify my review as early. Most of my playback falls with peaks in low 80s so not high intensity. 

looking forward to see and hearing what you think. And the others in this thread. I’ll post some pictures when I get around to hosting them somewhere. I didn’t realize you can’t just upload one directly to the thread. 

Wow! So 200 (zu break in) + 100 hours of your own. Def keep keeping us updated of the improved performance. Zu does claim that 2-4 weeks it will continue to improve!

Sadly, you have to use an external host to post pictures. There’s tons of free one if you just search for it. Then just drop a link for us!


Received my DW6s yesterday. Supreme in Blue. Unfortunately I’m out of town on business. I will set them up this weekend and compare them to my Marten Oscars. 

Congrats @travisg!


I’m sure that finish looks awesome!  I’m pretty limited in my listening time this week due to work too.  Sounds like we’ll have a couple people here firing up the DW6 this weekend. 

What gear will you be running them with?  Here’s to hoping the hours fly by…

Added one more tweak to the system…I finally broke down and bought a pair of Blue Jeans Cable Canare 4S11 speaker cables. Thus far I’ve just used cheap cables with non locking bananas. Looking forward to see if they make any difference. At the very least I I’m looking forward to my cables staying in the posts without working their way out. 

I am sending the Arcam SA20 back and am going to try a Cambridge Audio CXA61. I’m looking for an affordable integrated I can live with. It’s a tough act considering I’ve been driving these with way more expensive separates. I’m bored with them though and am looking forward to the next big purchase. Thinking on maybe a Dac3 ABH2 combo or an integrated from LTA. Maybe Pass or First Watt.  Decisions decisions. 

Hey bourbonkernel,

I would highly suggest you check out the Simaudio Moon ACE or the 340i.







I’ve seen this brand recommended before. The ACE looks like a pretty awesome feature packed Integrated.  Will def add those suggestions to the list to think about/trial. I would like to move away from tubes if I can find something I like…

Zu was kind enough via an email to state the differences between Zu Omen Mk II vs DW6.

"The overall sound with the Superfly edition compared to your friends Omen Mk.II will be similar.  You will have a bit more extension and fuller bottom end with the DW6"

Sounds like the DW6 is the perfect Omen speaker. 

Heading out tomorrow at 7AM. Keep the fire burning in here!

Always amuses me how many audiophiles want their music to sound like live experience but simultaneously don’t want their speakers to sound like a scaled down PA. 

Audiophiles do a lot of amusing things and that’s def one of them. 

Speaker day for several of you out there. Excited for others to chime in with their thoughts. I got a stupid good deal on a Cambridge Audio CXA61 refurbished from manufacturer. I’m gonna test that out on my DW6 Superfly as soon as it comes in. I bought a refurbished AXA25 from the CA eBay store as a cheap solid state to run on my Omen MKII during parties and get togethers and that thing sounds way too good to be $180 plus shipping.  Plenty of power to rock the Zus to party sound levels.  

Mine showed up yesterday afternoon. First impressions....those suckers are heavy! Will unbox and hook up this weekend. I plan on rotating the following power components via RME ADI-2 DAC ---> Bricasti M5 Streamer---> Roon--->Qobuz:

1. Decware Zen Triode SE84UFO - 2.3 Watts Class A

2. Marantz 2245 (1970's fully restored) Stereo Receiver 45 Watts

3. Topping PA5 - 65 Watts Class D

4. Hegel H120 - 75 Watts Class AB

5. Audio by Van Alstine Set 400 - 225 Watts Class AB

Should be an exciting weekend....



a very wide array of cool gear. Good luck with the setup. These are some decently heavy towers for sure. 

Just made it home. Almost ran over Sean at ZU while I was backing up to the door. 

killer group of guys. I had a blast. 

Got them pretty well setup in my room. More towards the wall is better IMO. But not in corners. They really don’t mind at all being close to a the wall. They also like separation, like most speakers. 

had a big road trip today with 10 hours of driving. I don’t want to speak too soon  but build quality is 10/10. They actually had some extra rustic Veneer to use. I may have the only rustic DW6s. Haha  


everything has met expectations.  The Denon voicing is coming through and is making these sound very warm and tube-like. 

the only thing that’s been underwhelming is the bass. But I don’t want to speak too soon.  Going to run them hard tomorrow  



Congrats on a successful trip and getting them home safe. I bet thats a super cool finish. Surprised they seem bass shy…not the case at all in my space.  One would think that integrated would have plenty of low end grunt with those speaker.  Hopefully they wake up today.