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McIntosh MCD201?
email mrhighendaudio, he is doing amazing things to these units, plus he is a dealer!!!!!!!!steve 
Avantgarde Trios, SETs, and Impedance Curves
Gotta check out the Mactone MA300, 22 watts, push/pull fast, dynamic, 3d soundstage, prefer this over ML2. 
Lamm ML1.1 & ML 2.1
I now have a Mactone MA300, 22 watt PP 300B amp, and I gotta say, this is better than the Lamm ML2 in my system. 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
Leec, chill out man, and ENJOY THE TUNES!!!!!!!!!!! 
VD Revelation Speaker cables -
Oz, Sold em all, so solly!!! 
VD Revelation Speaker cables -
Ozzy, these are very good cables, IMO, similar in sonic's to the nanotec wire. They are also the stiffest, biggest PIA cables I have ever tried, even more difficult the CRL gold. They have these magnets on the ends that attract each other, it is a... 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
Jafox, please tell me more about the PC, I really need 1 fabulous cord for my new source, the APL NWO 2.5 which I will hopefully have soon. 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
Wow, I leave for a couple days, to further upgrade my system, and enjoy some tunes and I see a bit of crazyness.I have been busy, picking up a SRA Craz rack, and Mactone MA300 amp, along with working on my HT. I still feel these are the most music... 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
The nanotec wire has taken my system to heights I have never heard, the soundstage is REAL, the sound is MUSIC, I can close my eyes and tell you where each instrument and vocals are positioned, the bass/mid bass/midrange/and treble are the best I ... 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
HERE YA GOAsking $895.00 New Retail $895.00 Condition NEW Days/Views 31 / 399 Ship cost Plus shipping Ship from 1 lbs from 03062 Ship to US and Canada Included Box, Manual About Seller Sksos (135) (send email) (view feedback) (other items) Pay ... 
Purist or Kubala-which to buy for entire system
Alright, here I go.............I am selling all my cables"interconencts, speaker wire"cause I have found MY FAVORITE in nanotec cables. Golden Strata 79 interconnects, and 201 speaker wire from Steve at SOS=sounds of silence audio. WOW, I can not ... 
Hybrid amps that can play 1 ohm loads
As silly as it sounds, try the DK, for about 12oo, and get some pw amperex usa 1950's.....should actually work out real fine for you. 
APL NWO2.5 ?
I dunno, I have listened and owned over 45 player's in the past few years, and APL, Alex, has won me over, AGAIN. So much so I just PIFed for the NWO 2.5, cause I definately believe in this unit being the beat available, regardless of price. Best ... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
Klipsch cornwall's, chorus 
Best $200 speaker cables for overall performance?
Reality Cables, by Greg Straley, by leaps and bounds.