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Acoustic Zen Adagio, How Good Are They?
I have not heard these yet, but, don't they look like Kef 104.2's which are still GREAT speakers!!!! I dunno, these look sorta like clones. As for sound, I cannot really comment and would hope they have everything the Kefs have, with additional ba... 
What CD player will warm my Thiel/Classe systm?
I need help choosing my next tube preamp.
I have owned over 201) Dodd audio reference linestage2) Dodd audio battery powere 
Anybody hear the Epiphany Audio 12-12's?
Teck5,I love em, but, alas, they are gonna be up for sale....I have a custom pair of speakers being made, each having 2 TAD 1601A's(750 x 4), 1 JBL 2470(anlico)w/custom wood lens, and 1 JBL 2404(anlico)tweeter. Each will be 2 peice, seperate bass ... 
What is the best cd playback system?
What is the best cd playback system?
NWO-2, Mine is on it's way, HEH< HEH< HEHI take on ALL machines, I win 
I'm Ready to go TUBE
Check out the Dodd 120's, you will smile 
Any VAC Phi 30/30 Owner's?
I have the reference linestage now, but, should have my battery powered in about 30 days, or so. I have pre-paid for it. I have compared, side by side, in my system with the Act 2, and blowtorch, and prefer the RLS of Gary's, cost not considered. ... 
Any VAC Phi 30/30 Owner's?
I would get the Dodd Audio reference linestage, or new battery powered. I have compared my reference to world class pre-amps, and prefer the dodd. 
Tube Research GT-100 and Audio Physic Virgos
Paul says his latest Transistor amps, better his tubes, I would give them a try, or if ya wanna save some $$$, and smile all the way to the bank, the Dodd audio 120's are da bomb!!!! 
Alex, If ya got time to post on Audiogon, I figure ya have time to call me, I have been waiting for a couple months now. 
Best Amps match for Egglestonworks Andra 2 ?
I lent my Dodd 120's to a fellow audiogoner who has the Andra 2's, he has owned the DNA 500, CJ 350, BAT 600, and preferred my tube amp to all above, so much so he ordered 1, and impatiently waiting 
Tube amp suggestions-Dunlavy IVA
Dodd Audio 120's, nuff said, save the $$$$, buy his pre-amp too, and still save. JMHO 
What new amp for my Merlins
Get the Dodd Audio 120's, save a ton of $$$$, and fughettaboutit, SERIOUSLY, I have been thru over 35 amos in the past few years, including Joule, berning, lamm, et, JMHO. 
DCCA power cords... your comments pls.
Don does great work, highly recommended, AAA+++