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Anyone try HUMAN Speaker company Speakers?
Any current major brand you could compare it to? 
AV Receiver good enough for high end audio?
I always thought all the preamp features is what made a/v receivers less desirable 
AV Receiver good enough for high end audio?
I believe a $500 a/v receiver will sound just as good as a $500 2 channel receiver or amp. 
AV Receiver good enough for high end audio?
I have an older Elite 7.1 A/V receiver. I now only listen to 2 channel. I considered going with a $1,000 or so integrated amp and some new speakers ($1200 or so for a bookshelf sized pair. I would have to probably shell out closer to $2000 for an ... 
AV Receiver good enough for high end audio?
If you purchased a high end A/V receiver, I'm sure you would have to get into a much more pricey 2 channel system to hear an improvement. In fact, I'm willing to bet that other components in your system would provide the weaker link before the hig... 
New Apple TV -- Anyone planning on it?
I thought airtunes or apple tv would transmit 24/96 hi-rez files (as long as audio-midi is set to 24/96)...you just need a dac on the receiving end to decode. 
Should Equalizers make a comeback?
You would think the "straight wire" crowd would be discussing the systems of the various mastering engineers. Every component injects some "eq" naturally. Some components are "biased" a little warmer (Marantz comes to mind). Many people pick compo... 
New speakers designed by Andrew Jones
I went to the local Best Buy Magnolia center. As a side note, the Magnolia section did have a nice entry level Marantz integrated ($499) and B&W speakers. Good selection of Denon and Elite A/V receivers. Anyway, back in the regular section, I ... 
Should Equalizers make a comeback?
I can understand noise etc that goes with placing something in the signal chain. If we knock EQ's, then are we saying that we just trust the mastering engineers speakers, eq's etc? Even if the mastering engineers speakers/room are far from the sam... 
New speakers designed by Andrew Jones
Jeninite, If you purchased the speakers, please give a full review. I'm going to BB to listen to the floorstanders (not an ideal environment by far) 
New speakers designed by Andrew Jones
I'd be curious to compare against my Polks (rti28) 
Best DAC for 27" iMac
From what I understand, the DACs in most modern receivers are more than adequate unless you want to spend $1000 + for an outboard DAC. 
What a difference curtains make...WOW
I am now taking time to listen everyday now. I believe I finally have good speaker placement as well. I actually think my system sounds better now than it did before with a subwoofer. I read somewhere (maybe TAS or Stereophile) that the weakest li... 
Ant info on the new KEF Q 900?
I believe you are right. To meet deadlines, I'm sure KEF had to get ads in the channels a bit early. I believe these are going to replace the iQ series. If so, I may a buyer. 
These new POLK LSiM's look tempting
I've always been a fan of the Polks. My RTi28's have served me well for the past 8 years.