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Future of cables!
But expensive cables look cool, especially the fat ones. 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
My pest control guy was spraying the inside of my house. I told him if anything needed to be moved in my listening room to please let me know. I, too, had finally gotten my speakers in their optimum placement. When I was finally able to get off th... 
Low-sensitivity speakers — What's special about them?
It's really about component matching. If have decided upon a speaker system you like, then you need to match them with an amp that will drive them adequately. Conversely, if you have found an amp you like, match it with a speaker system. In other ... 
Any reason not to place stand mounted speakers upside down?
This shouldn't be that difficult. Put your speakers on a platform of books at the recommended height and compare the sound vs having them on the too-high stands. Listen to them upside down. Choose the configuration that YOU like. 
What Possessed Me to Do This?
Asheville rocks! You'll find plenty of things to occupy your time there until your audio system is back up and running. 
Your first system and your journey...
Large Advents played through A Marantz integrated amp and a Garrard Zero 100 turntable, which replaced my GE console, and purchased from the original Magnolia Hi Fi in Seattle when it was a small store in the Magnolia district and sold cameras and... 
There you have it, you were running out of power and probably not mistracking. 
Is there a such too much power for speakers?
it would be nice to know which speakers you own. For your dealer to make such a statement, either your speakers require large amounts of power or your dealer is more interested in your money than your musical satisfaction. 
So What Is Real?
I'm an unpaid professional listener. I'm also an oxymoron. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Coltrane For Lovers on the CD player instead of the turntable because although I plan to be up, I don't plan to get up. 
Help me understand John Coltrane .... seriously.
As others have said, for easy listening get Ballads or his corroboration with Hartman and/or Ellington. But if you're really serious try a late night listening session with my personal favorite, Crescent. If you don't get it after that, you never ...