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I have my table now I need a phono, please help
If you decide on the Phonomena, don't bother with the battery pack. Mine stopped holding a charge in less than one year. The Phonomena worked fine, however. 
ARC REF3 and Boulder 2060-a match made in heaven
David,Congradulations on the Ref3. I found that mine really hit it's stride at about 80 hours. I'd be curious to know at what point you felt the break in period was over. 
Clearaudio v. Teres
I can answer that. I had a Clearaudio Champion Level 2 using their tonearm and a Sigma Wood cartridge before switching to a Teres 265. The Teres was a very large step up in performance. I kept the Sigma Wood cartiridge and used a Graham arm on the... 
I have the PH5 along with the Ref 3 linestage. I was thinking about the Ref phono pre but, in a side by side comparison the PH5 was so close I couldn't see spending the considerable extra money. There is a very big difference between the PH5 and t... 
Vandersteen 3A sig. Placement and Room Sensitive?
Vandersteen 3A sigs are great speakers, I owned them for years. Unfortunatly I have to ditto what Bigtree said. 
What are the speaker placements for 7.1 HT setup?
7.1 means:2 front speakers, left and right1 center speaker2 rear speakers, left and right2 side speakersand the .1 is for a sub.Is it better than 5.1? Depends on the size of the room and the amount of people sitting in the room. I had a 8.1 system... 
Krell Resolution 1 or Vandy 3A sig
Considering the price of the Krell speaker wouldn't it make more sense to compare/contrast it with the Vandersteen 5A speaker? 
Teres Owners - Please help
I owned the 265 and now own the 320. While I believe that the TT is the most important part of the analog chain, in your case I would go with the 265 and the Schroder rather than the 320 and the Rega.I sold my 265 to a friend that has it on top of... 
Where is Your Turntable?
On the side wall, just a few feet from the listening position. On one side is another stand with the record cleaner on the top shelf and new inserts and outer sleeves on the other shelves. I use a DIY high mass sand filled stand (even the 8inch sq... 
Dreadnaught a Bit Bright?
You don't mention if it is a Dreadnaught or a Dreadnaught II. I had a Dreadnaught for years and then brought home a Dread II for a possible upgrade. It went right back to the dealer. It wasn't as musical as the original Dreadnaught and I would con... 
Vandersteen 3A Sig vs. Von Schweikert VR4 Jr.
For what it's worth, one of my best audiophile friends is a Von schweikert dealer. They seem to be selling well. What does he have at home? Vandersteen's, I asked him about coming by to give the VR 4jrs a run through and he told me not to bother. ... 
Interconnects: a conductor is a conductor, right?
Good work. Now, what is needed is subjective listening to see if there is a clear consenses in regards to what sounds better relative to how a cable measures. Is it better to have "clean" measurements or can/should certain distortions be built int... 
Turntable, Tube Amp and Two Speakers System
Unless you get a integrated amp with a built in phono stage, you also need a preamp and a phono amp.Why a sub? Are you planning on getting less than full range speakers? 
The problem with the music
Geffen records out in Santa Monica have engineered a couple of records and they don't use ATC speakers, or better than the best audiophile speaker systems. I know, I have speant alot of time there. 
Upgrade my Theta or move on?
Having had the CB and then upgraded to a CBll with extreme DACS, along with the DaViD, the Theta Data lll, 4 Vandy 3A sigs, the VCC 5 and two VSM on the sides, and two 2wq's I feel very confident in saying don't bother to upgrade your CB to improv...