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Finding Pure Water for Record Cleaning - very long
Justin,thank you for all the info. 
Hall of Fame: BIGGEST BADDEST Monster Amps
Sounds like you are asking about vertical biamping? So, you are looking for 4 mono blocks? Why not just get a Theta Dreadnaught and use 4 of it's channels or 250 watts each to vertical bi-amp? It would probably equal all of the mono blocks you lis... 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
Richard has auditioned the speakers in familiar surroundings. He is one of Brook Berdan's best friends and has speant time with the speakers. 
180 Gram vs. MFSL
MFSL, if it is truely mint. 
What's your chair ?
"Eames Lounge Chair & Ottomen, beautiful rosewood shell with soft black leather. You can spend hours at a time in great comfort."I second this advice. There is no chair more comfortable than the Eames. 
WANTED: Help stuck in tube rolling insanity
I have put RAM super low noise tubes in every component I have had that used 6922 tubes. They are absolutly dead quiet.Here is the address: 
Best movies last two years
While I can't and wouldn't disagree with anyone that is put off by the content, I would have to list Sin City as one of the best films of the last two years in regards to innovative visuals.At the other end of the spectrum my wife and I loved Marc... 
well-recorded country music recommedation
Let's not forget Chet Atkins and Les Paul. Especially their two duet albums, Guitar Monsters and Chet and Les. 
CD Redbook versus DVD Audio
It probably is superior to Redbook CDs in every way except the most important. There is almost no music to play on the machine. There eventually will be a digital format that will replace Redbook CDs. But, when it happens it will be for the same r... 
Phono cable, are they really different?
Maybe I misunderstood but, I thought that Semi was asking what makes a phono cable different than a regular IC. If I did misunderstand, and the question was" what are the differences that you have heard when using various phono cables and what abo... 
Has anyone heard the Ref 3?
Guidocorona,In answer to your question, no. I first heard of the possibility of changing the caps and the one tube on this forum when Oneobgyn mentioned that he did it. Since changing the tube didn't require sending in the preamp or making any mod... 
Has anyone heard the Ref 3?
Congradulations on your new Ref 3. I second Oneobgyn's statement, it is also the best preamp that I have owned.Out of curiosity, did it come with the 6550 tube? I only ask because my experimenting with it seemed so much different then Oneobgyn's. ... 
Impact of Walker Audio Extreme SST
First, let me say that I have a very high opinion of Mr. Walkers analog gear. Just wish I could afford his table and phono stage.I bought a jar of his Extreme and put it on my IC's and speaker spades and heard no difference whatsoever. I lent the ... 
Phono cable, are they really different?
My experience has been that the signal from your cartridge is especially susceptible to EMI. I had a phono cable from a very well known company and everytime I tried to use my TT there was background noise from a radio station. I switched to anoth... 
Folk/Rock choices that are well recorded
The Weavers- Return to Carnegie HallGreg Brown- Poet Game, and Slant 6 MindJoan Baez- Diamonds and RustTo find out about a lot of great present day performers get the cds: Folk Scene Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3