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Super High Material
Bump...I just heard of these and am interested in hearing others' thoughts before I start plunking down Greater-than-Mofi money for these. 
Help Me Choose A Rack
Craig, There should be several competent plastic surgeons in your area who can assist.Sorry, I couldn't resist. :-) 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
Karma,Your question is even more difficult than you may think. Unfortunately the axiom "Everything matters" is as true with computer-based playback as it is from more "conventional" sources. With a standard Mac using USB with a spinning hard disk,... 
CD-R Recs
Mitsui/MA-M is on par with the top of the line TY discs. I happen to prefer Mitsui's Colorado Springs-manufactured gold discs to both the TY and Mitsui silvers, but both companies' top silver models are cream of the crop for audio purposes.If you ... 
Bass Suckout in a Square Room - Remedies and Solut
Do you happen to have your speakers on a long wall in a rectangular room? I'm 0 for 2 in good sound in that situation, the issue both times being the bottom is sucked out. 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
Ponderous, abucktwoeighty, ponderous... ;) 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
Abucktwoeighty:Does that make those on the upgrade merry-go-round promiscuous, or just "Studs"? ;-) 
PC: KS Elation, Elrod or Stealth?
I'm not sure about the Elrod cords, but I've owned the Stealth and auditioned the K-S and they are very different.The Stealth Dream is clean, fast, and tonally balanced. When used in the intended STAR grounding system it becomes "Greater than the ... 
PC for Running Springs conditioner
Just a thought, but you might try putting a "stock" cord (not the Cardas-made "Mongoose" but a plain ol' cord) on the unit and determine what you want the cord to do. I've found I like the speed, dynamics and neutrality of Stealth cords generally,... 
Taylor Swift
I should amend my comment by noting I happen to enjoy Taylor Swift's popular songs as well. 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
Mmmmmmmmm, brushed aluminum...and pretty lights, too, preferably light blue! 
Taylor Swift
I'm with Matty, though Ashley Simpson proved you have to have at least *some* talent. Not even Ashley's double Ds could overcome her lack of talent in the industry's eyes, proud as her dad may (reportedly) be of the former. 
AZ adagios or von schweikert vr4jr
You really need to find a pair of Adagios to audition. They have a very different sound than than the VS speakers, and you'll know immediately which you prefer. 
Want to Blow Up My Stereo
Update: it was a tube imbalance. I unpacked the Opus 21, and the image is dead center. Thanks to all who contributed! Now to figure out how to fix the tube imbalance... :-| 
Frustrated with new pre-amp and need advice
Sounds a lot like this thread: it's same manufacturer I'd tread carefully.