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KCI Pure Gold and the benefits
i want that "sony" sound
Following on Rlwainwright's suggestion, if you must pay more for it to sound better you could spend $3500 on a Lexicon unit. ;-)(Tongue in cheek; for reference see: 
i want that "sony" sound
I've never heard it, but have read amazing things about the Sony SCD-1 over the years. I would think it to be exactly what you're looking for, though about $100-$200 over your budget. 
Ridge Street Audio Sason Owners
I've had mine for 3 years now, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 
Want to Blow Up My Stereo
Howdy, guys. Here's the update. I did as Tvad suggested, and connected the left preamp output to the right amp input and vice versa. The sound shifted left of center. Replaced the cables to proper connection, and the image shifted right of center.... 
Want to Blow Up My Stereo
Guys, you helped me get back to some obvious stuff I hadn't done. I have a list out in the car to address the various recommendations, which I'll post later.But the initial test was revealing. I got out my Radio Shack digital sound meter, and grab... 
Any Zorn fans?
Don't know about John, but enjoyed watching Jim play when I was a kid. Too bad he took that job in Washington; he wasn't ready yet. 
Have you turned your loved ones into audiophiles
I successfully indoctrinated 2 of my 3 kids by 18 months. My middle child is too much in to building things, tinkering with things, and the like to get much in to music or audio. In a couple years I'm going to buy a small speaker kit and we'll bui... 
Tone controls? Sorry about the heresy.
ztak,May I offer one other suggestion? You're overlooking the most popular tone controls on earth. They have an entire section devoted to them on the 'gon. They're called "Cables". ;)Sorry, couldn't resist.About 15 years ago I had a 12-band equali... 
Slim on the wall speakers
Agree with Jaybo. I'm not a fan of the Maggie sound myself, but they make some very cool looking (and sounding) on-wall speakers that can even be angled to adjust the sound. 
What were the best and worst rooms at RMAF 2009?
I'm with 76doublebass. The best room I heard - and by a stunningly wide margin - was the Win Analog room. Not sure if it's coincidence or not, but it was also the only room I entered with the speakers more than a quarter of the way in to the room.... 
Meeting point at RMAF for Audiogoners
I managed to schedule work in Colorado Springs this week, so I'll swing up Saturday for the show and meet you guys in the lounge Saturday evening. I look forward to meeting you all!Howard 
KCI Pure Gold and the benefits
Thanks, Sherod. I hope you are able to get a pair soon!Best,Howard 
KCI Pure Gold and the benefits
Guys,With 450 hours on my Silkworm+ cables, I felt it was time to evaluate them and get a review out. The review should be available in a few hours if it isn't already. I hope it is thorough enough to be truly insightful to those interested.Howard 
Appogg isolation platform under preamp
If so, I want the tweaked version for 1 year-olds!!!!