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Speakers Damaged via FedEx, A Neverending Love Story
As an art dealer, I used to ship things all over the world via USPS, UPS and FedEx.  FedEx was the worst and easily the hardest to deal with when there were issues.     Their "insurance" policy is really a joke if you read the fine print.  I alway... 
Is improvisational jazz to impressionism art as smooth jazz is to realism art?
How about the Scorpions "Wind of Change" being written by the CIA?  Very interesting story if you are into such things. 
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
I also bought a Silk Audio SUT from Thailand.  They were very easy to work with in assembling a unit for me.  (They also sell the transformers separately.)  Mine looks and sounds great! 
Mono cartridge recommendation
I don't like the sound of the modern Ortofons.  Lot of people like the later carts like the 2m Black but it sounds too much like a CD to me.  SPU have a different sound that I prefer but I think they are all made for older original recordings with... 
Mono cartridge recommendation
Of the ones you listed, I would go with either the Hana or AT.  With Ortofon I would want a SPU, arm permitting. 
My Experience With Tekton
The cabinet finish or construction does not appear inferior to anything else in my inventory, KEF, Revel, Klipsch, Paradigm, Polk, and Elac – permission in advance to laughHow many speakers do you have in your "inventory? That is a lot of brands! 
Mono cartridge recommendation
There are lots of opinions on stylus profiles in relation to playing mono LPs. One side of that issue is addressed pretty well on the Miyajima website, but it is a bit one-sided.@lewm  When I saw your comment about the issue of mono carts being... 
Mono cartridge recommendation
I have gone through a lot of mono cartridges.  I think there is a strong consensus that using a true mono cartridge sounds better than using a mono switch.  I have done both and heard the difference. Endless discussion of the subject online if you... 
How long does Class A have?
"There is something respectable to reacting well to banter. It is intentionally harmless teasing behavior meant to bait our universal base instincts to be vengefully forceful, bitterly victimized, or helplessly passive. Sometimes we are able to co... 
Technics or Kuzma turntable.
My vote is for the Technics but personally I would wait until I could hear the tables in question before I bought anything.  Otherwise I would never know what I was missing, if anything. 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
"The theory, wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people... 
SC-2 Plus Sweetvinyl SugarCube
I have a SC-2. It is very hard to set up. You don’t just hook it up-you need to connect it using downloads from SweetVinyl via your internet connection. I have seen that a lot of people only got it going by contacting SweetVinyl directly and getti... 
Phasemation (Phase-Tech) MC cartridges
I have a serious interest in mono records, both vinyl and 78s and have been checking out the market for the past few years trying to decide what to invest in. There seems to be a strong consensus that Miyajima mono cartridges lead the pack but I f... 
Phasemation (Phase-Tech) MC cartridges
I have a Phasemation Mono cartridge.  Sounds quite nice but I haven't really used it that much.   
Tonearms for reference 78 RPM system Technics SP-10R
I am involved in a similar project.  Personally, I would look at something like a 12" Jelco and spend the money on better cartridges and associated gear (like a SweetVinyl SC2 to remove the sound of clicks and pops.)    I would rethink your choice...