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Poor Fritz
LSA speakers to me are only one of the many soulless productions made in some factory (or factories) in China for the western market. One of the comments to the review cited  (by Mitchell M Tallen, third one down) was very eloquent regarding the l... 
Mono Cartridge
@mikelavigne Robin did think it would be OK on the Technics but I really wanted to hear that someone else was using one successfully before I sprang for one myself.  I know Robin very generously offers them for trial but I wasn't comfortable doing... 
Mono Cartridge
@mikelavigne Big fan of Miyajima but I am not sure it would be a good match with the arm on my Technics 1200G, even with the KAB fluid damper. (I asked about this awhile back and no one was using a Miyajima on my table.)  I am leaning towards the ... 
Mono Cartridge
I am a long time record collector with 1000s of "seriously old" recordings from the 50s and 60s.  I already have two .7 mil carts for later records.  Now I am looking for a really good mono cartridge with a 1.0 mil stylus that would be compatible ... 
Mono Cartridge
@noromance Thanks but I am looking for a 1.0 mil stylus.@chakster  I am sure that is a great cart but they are pretty hard to find NOS.@elliottnewcombjr  Open for suggestions but looking for something really good. 
Bent Slightly Out of Shape
KABUSA has ADC XLM MK II Improved NOS for $79.00 so not a big deal to replace it, in any case.  It is in the Specials section of his website. 
Phono Preamp loading for Hanna EL
I tried various settings.  A bit over 400 seems the best in my system.  Some people seem to like it at 1000 though. 
Is a Linn Sondek LP12/Lingo/Ekos with a Cirkus update, the last turntable I’ll ever buy?
12-17-2018 2:33pmInteresting to compare the setups in the two factories!"While recent sales of new turntables have been between 300 and 700 per year, Linn tells us the higher proportion of sales is attributed to upgrades. Owners can send their dec... 
Mint LP Best Protractor
I have a Dr. Freickert and am very happy with it.  Lots of people swear by the MintLP though.  It just looked too tedious for me. 
Focal 1028BE2's or Tekton Moab Towers
I heard the DI and the DI monitors at RMAF a few years ago.  They were nice enough sounding and, relative to what else is out there, reasonably priced.  I didn't like them enough to want to own them but I can see why other people might.  I am a bi... 
Cartridge Opinions - Sorry
Second the suggestion of a Hana cartridge.  I have a Hana EL in my Technics 1200G and it sounds great.  Personally, I dislike the Ortofon Black but lots of people think it is wonderful.  If you want more for more, I think the Audio-Technica AT-ART... 
Thoughts on DAT tape? Any users?
I still have one but haven't used it in years.  Problem was that it kept getting out of alignment. Wasn't cheap either! Sounded a lot better than cassettes and even CDs at the time.  Excelia, an Aiwa brand, IIRC. 
Hopelessly corny Groovy Welk! 
Tekton Design Moab
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم."In the name of God, the beneficent and merciful"Said before starting all endeavors, large or small. 
Estate Sales
Depends where you live.  College towns are better than farming towns for records.  Most sales are listed either in the newspaper or Craigslist.  I find lots of great records at estate sales in my town.  You have to get there early these days though!