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"I can't speak to the Cayin, which I have heard is made at the same plant, but the unconfirmed rumors are that Cayin uses differently sourced parts  and is not just a PrimaLuna with a different name slapped on it. Correct, Both are made by Spa... 
Harbeth 30.1 or 40.1
I think the 40.1 might be too big for your room-they have to be out from the walls quite a bit.  Spatial speakers are really good.  What is wrong with yours? 
Buying a new TT today
I would go for the Technics 1200GR.  I doubt you would be unhappy with it.  Don't buy a VPI without hearing and using it first.  I found the Scout/Scoutmaster models very unappealing with wonky tonearms and a rather anemic presentation. 
Upgrade help: Luxman and McIntosh.
I  have a Luxman 507ux and am very happy with it.  I was also considering a McIntosh 2275 at the time but think I made the right choice.  I am using it with Spendor monitors. 
You want it?
Not much to think about since they will all sell out in a day or so. Already have a "G" in any case.  I would like to try the cartridge though.  Hopefully, they will make more down the road. 
Technics or Thorens, need suggestions
Technics 1200G for $2500?  Buy it!  I doubt you will be unhappy with it but,if you are, you can resell it for no loss.  If you want a wood frame built for it, there is a free plan for one on the KABUSA website.  Any carpenter could make one for no... 
History Repeating (Certainly an Irony in this thread!) timely tune by Ms Bassey.  
Miyajima Zero Mono on Technics 1200G
@chakster The Grace F14 LC-OFC looks great but it is really rare! Wish they still made them. I have had bad experiences in the past buying used cartridges so I am wary of buying things like this online.  Most of my records are mid 60s and earlier ... 
Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?
For the price this stuff sold for, I am amazed that no one is willing to copy it.  Anything one man can do another man can do!Weren't the mats mostly shungite? 
Miyajima Zero Mono on Technics 1200G
Still undecided about the Miyajima cartridge as I haven't heard of anyone else using one on my table.  Two dealers told me that thought it would be fine but from past experiences I have learned to be cautious.  I really appreciate all the comments... 
Miyajima Zero Mono on Technics 1200G
I have a heavy headshell, counterweight and even a KAB fluid damper on the table.  I think it would PROBABLY work fine but would feel better about making the purchase if I could hear from someone who is actually using this cartridge with a Technic... 
Miyajima Zero Mono on Technics 1200G
Thanks for the suggestion but that is a very different turntable from what I have.  I think he uses a Sorane arm with it.  I am sure it sounds fantastic though! 
Turntable and Arm Combination in 5K range (maximum)
For piano music a direct drive turntable like the Technics 1200G would be something to consider.  The sound is certainly quick and dynamic! 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
I wish they all could beat California grills! 
Ready to pull the trigger on a DD turntable: Technics SL-1210GR or Pioneer PLX1000???
Technics!Not a fan of the Ortofon Black though it seems like everyone else likes them.