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tubes or no tubes
right, and there are plenty of tubed amps (Berning ZH70 comes to mind), that when properly tubed, are as or more transparent than any SS amp, and some SS amps that are darker than most tubed amps, so no generalizations! 
Nagra Service?
Once again - anone in the US needing Nagra-authorized service on their gear, this is the contact information - Steve George is the contact:Trew Audio USA220 Great Circle Road, Suite 116Nashville,TN 37228-1798Toll-Free: 800-241-8994In Nashville: 61... 
I use the HRS system to great effect with my VPA's and Reimyo CDP. 
I use the HRS system to great effect with my VPA's. 
Power Cords
yes they are, esp on high-quality amps such as yours. the how/why's are perhaps too big a topic right now (do a search for many other prior discussions), but take my word for it, it's not snake oil as some would like to believe. My suggestion: go ... 
Replace Meridian 408.24 with Ayre CX-7 CD player
take it home, there's no other way to know.... The 508.24 is no slouch, mind you! 
NAGRA PL-L owner Question S
For me, the new 845M (which was several years in development and only started shipping 2 months ago) is good enough, and much much much much better to the oroginal Shuguang 845's that used to be stock for VPA's - really a major improvement.... so ... 
NAGRA PL-L owner Question S
no I have not, but have heard they're pretty nice. My main reason for not is expense (they are waaaay expensive), and secondly, others' horror stories about sparks within them causing shorts in their VPA's, which would not be an issue for yours wh... 
What's your worst excuse for an upgrade
It could be worse, I could be addicted to crack.... 
NAGRA PL-L owner Question S
Im diggin the new SuperTNT 845M, overall my favrote Chinese made 845 (and i tried the base Shuguang 845, the SuperTNT 845B,and the original 845M (aka 845C), they each had some virtue (except for the base Shuguand 845 which didn't excell in anytihn... 
Battery on preamps like Nagra PL-L etc repost
Whoa! I am awfully curious about that, it might be worth an email to Nagra. I guess we'd be able to purchase a battery power supply like that in the PLP, but at what cost, and at what benefit? 
NAGRA PL-L owner Question S
Elberoth, ever roll ine internal VPA tubes? I recommend it highly! each takes two 12ax7's and one 7119/E182CC. The stock tubes are quiet, but nothing special, so i say go for it. 
NAGRA PL-L owner Question S
Elberoth, the PL-L is NOT battery powered the way the PL-P is, it has a separate pwoer supply that gets its juice from the wall. No battery involved....On the VPA's, do they have stock tubes in them (I would imagine so). There are significant impo... 
NAGRA PL-L owner Question S
Kal is correct on both counts. Here are a few other thoughts based on my experience with my PLL:It can be optimized in several regards: First: roll the tubes. The stock tubes are quiet, but otherwise really nothing special. I am using a single Cry... 
Need advice ono a Tube preamp
Another vote for the First Sound Presence Deluxe II, albeit you will not get a remote.