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What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
From the LP "Welcome" by Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin there is the tune "Flame/Sky where at 2:30 you get the guitar solos of a lifetime. Just pure bliss IMHO!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHTyOVGDbWQ;^) 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Funkadelics' Eddie Hazel doing his 10 minute+ solo on Maggot Brain. Truly sublime!Jimi Hendrix on Dylans' "All Along The Watchtower".http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggot_Brain_(song);^) 
Edgy Trip Hop Recommendations
I second Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack. I would add Morcheba who had at least a couple of great Trip Hop LPs. Check out "Trigger Hippie" by Morcheba. 
Explain the asthetics of Punk
I got one word for you, the "Monks"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5iI0__9S1c 
What makes a record collection "great"?
Just like a library. A library will have within it "collections" that would be prized. I have a large collection that is comprised of different genres. Depending on your tastes you may find that parts of my collection are "great". Some may find th... 
If you lost your stereo system would you still ???
Let me ask this question...If the music you had to listen to was not live...would you still listen to music? 
i have a mcintosh mc275 what speakers to choose?
Hi. I have Vandersteen 2CEs (86db)and they sing with my vintage mc275. That is my experience and others may disagree. 
Speaker Dimple
I just used the vacuum method on a pair of Totem Mites I picked up in a thrift store for $35.00. I put two fingers in front of the hose to prevent a perfect seal should the nozzle come in contact with the dimple. Worked perfectly and after running... 
moody soundtracks
The Red Violin has long been a favorite of mine and recently been released in an expanded version that I have not heard. Another is Yol with a Middle Eastern sensibility. Paris Texas is a good one with some vocals that are moody but may not be con... 
Your First Concert was.....
I won tickets from the local radio station to see Fanny, Jose Feleciano and the Guess Who. Blew me away (that is the Guess Who and Jose)! The first concert I bought tickets to was David Bowie at the Tower theater. Bowie took it up a whole nother l... 
How to reply to questions about stereo cost?
I really don't know and have not needed any excueses. I hooked with an 'ENABLER'. Actually that has it's own unique issues. 
Name your favorite sax solo.
Lots of good solos mentioned. My champion soloist is without a doubt John Coltrane BUT I want to mention one that I go back to time and again for the sheer wonder and awe. An album named "CONFLUENCE" by Gato Barbieri and Dollar Brand(Abdullah Ibra... 
What song best describes you or your life?
"Ballad of Dwight Fry" by Alice Cooper back when I was much younger, Now that I aspire to audiophiledom I'd say "Loan Me A Dime" by Boz Scaggs.If I were to answer this an hour from now I'd have completely different responses... 
Anyone going to see Loreena McKennitt?
Would love to see her. Is she going to be in the Philadelphia area?BYTW has any vinyl been put out of her stuff? 
Any Can fans out there?
YES! I have almost all of their LPs on German vinyl. I like Future Days, Tago Mago and Soon Over Babaluma as favorites. Monster Movie is cool too. Their music clears my head when I need to break out of the routine.