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Does Formula 1 racing and high end audio go together for anyone else?
Nope ! I still get excited over audio but the last time I was thrilled by F1 was back in the Prost-Senna days. Modern F1 puts me to sleep.  
What is the best way to clean Vinyl?
For $500 learn to hand clean, buy some good record cleaning fluid, good brushes and quality microfiber cloths. Forget cheap ultrasonics, next to useless.  
What is this Beatles UHQR Collection?
They were premium, deluxe editions of MoFi albums re-issued on premium vinyl. Awfully expensive. Awful sounding. I haven't heard any UHQR that sounded better than the regular Mo-Fis, a low bar but still the standard for comparison.  
The Beatles Revolver
jasonbourne52 2,533 posts 10-13-2022 at 06:40am  I agree! What the Beatles did with Giles Martin is ART!  Tampering with the original tapes is in effect to produce something that is NOT the Beatles creation! The CD cover should ... 
Best sounding Johnny Cash CD(s)?
+ JC AT San Quentin, the Unearthed box set  
Steely Dan Catalog on UHQR Vinyl
mofimadness had penultimate right, there will always be another "best re-issue" 😄  
How best to eliminate LP warps
I'd say unless the record is unplayable live with minor warps. I've tried traditional and modern methods of trying to flatten reocrds with varying degrees of success. Last machine used was the AFI Flat. Most of the time it works pretty well, bu... 
Question about speaker angle
I start with Harry Pearson's Rule of Thirds when setting up speakers; Divide room width by 1/3, divide room length by 1/3, Put speakers where the 1/3 width/length points intersect, Speakers firing straight ahead. Works perfectly 9/10 with dire... 
SS preamp suggestion with built-in phono section
+1 on Luxman. Also Rotel integrateds and preamps.  
Why is most everything remastered?
Do remasters count as a new work ? Could be a way for record companies to extend copyright.    
Thoughts on moving from a 1200G to Sota Saphire or above
Keep the Technics, spend your money on mats, isolation, cartridges, more records  :) 
What is the better sounding turntable: Project 1XCarbon or the Rega P3 ??
I'd go for the Pro-ject, easier to setup with different cartridges. 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
unkonw WILSON speaker
knockoffs, €2700 is dreaming, €500 would be too much 
Review: Jeff Rowland Design Concentra mkIIp Amplifier
Agree with orgman above,I’ve had the Concentra II, Krell KAV300i, Perreaux and Plinius integrated amps,None sound as beautiful as the Concentra,Jadis DA60 gets close but is unreliable, PureAudio One surpassed the Concentra but the company is no mo...