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Auto Room Equalization?
hate 'em all.they all screwup in varying ways.manual setup with ears, spl meter and test disc.:) 
Decca Classical Reissues Mastered at Abbey Road? Copies of digital files? Or REAL Reissue?
probably digital."remastered from analogue" hype is no guarantee either.the recent 2016 pink floyd remasters have a similar hype and they were all cut from digital. mediocre sound compared to a good original. 
Step up from Nakamichi 582 tape deck?
680zx or 682zx would be a good step up from a 582.a zx7 is a step up again from the 680 series.i went from a 582z to zx7. 
Can you run the HANA SL MC at 100 ohms?
tried the hana sl into a couple of phonos with 100ohm loading - cambridge audio 651p, plinius sounded ok.sounded much better into 47k 
Best Record Cleaning Fluid
back in the 1990s myles astor did a survey of rcf's for sounds like magazine. he examined the chemistry behind the formulations and conducted listening tests. the top fluid was vpi, followed by nitty gritty purifier 2. you can't go wrong with any ... 
Replacement Linn LP12 mat
hifijones;i had a linn valhalla with stock felt mat for a long time.the felt mat gave way to an oracle mat, which to paraphrase the late dave wilson, was good enough to see off potential oracle and sota turntable upgrades.better was yet to come wi... 
Need help identifying if U.S. or Euro pressing of Beatles LP box set !
buy from amazon europe ? 
If you had to choose between Okki-Nokki and Pro-Ject record cleaners....
@ezwicky;okki-nokki is better $500 all you can get from nitty gritty will be a fully manual cleaner.turning records by hand is a right pia and a quick way to with all platter based rcm you don't want to put your dirty record down o... 
Grado cartridges still worth the money?
when did anyone pay $2k for a mm ? 
When is it time to consider adding a SUT?
don't sully yr ref2 with a sut !it should have more than enough gain for the benz.keeping the signal path simple will give you the best sound.;) 
Rotal 1072, Oppo 95, or Oppo 105?
if you just want audio playback, a Cambridge audio 752bd or cxu does a better job with music than any stock oppo. 
What CD player/transport has the most stable mechanism?
pioneer used a "stable platter system" on many pd65, pd75, pd95the whole disc was supported, you put the disc in upside down, the laser read from the top.they made zillions of them, so they are cheap and sound pretty good. 
Any Programs to Download to make Oppo 83SE and 105D Region Free
superdisk is good for dvd multi-zoneif you want to make bluray multi too, this is good 
Looking for a used AUDIOPHILE AV Receiver
another brand to look out for is rotel.the rsx-1550 is particularly good sound, no reliability problems.the only drawback is that it was built for sound and has no luxuries like auto-setup etc. 
Record cleaning
allsop orbitrac is coming back next year:)